No “submit comment” bug when using Internet Explorer

It has been brought to my attention (thank you watcher13) that while using Internet Explorer, there is no “Submit Comment” button. I am in the process of troubleshooting this issue and hopefully will have it resolved soon. Worse comes worse, I will just change the theme of the website which I was thinking about doing anyway.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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  • Ah I see. Well its an understandable mistake, so no harm done.

    As for themes…I think I found one – I just need to get around to fixing it up so it works the way I want it to!

  • watcher13

    Sorry man. Didn’t scrutinize the URL or the pages themselves. Originally assumed that you were on some blogging domain for political bloggers and your initial post on the subject was a joke about how you had started this type of site on a political domain. I asumed it was because “they” had too good a web hosting deal to turn down. Didn’t realize this was YOUR domain and the joke was that you’d given it a non-sequiter for a name.

    Happy theme hunting!

  • What do you mean talk to the Politically Motivated people first?

    I am the people :D

  • watcher13

    Oops! Never mind. The submit comment button is coming and going in IE. I came back to this page to see your response, and it was gone again. I can find it on some pages and not others. Fired up Firefox to post this.

    I’d talk to the Politically Motivated people first, before you go over your layout with a fine tooth comb. May have something to do with their servers. In any case, they may have heard of this bug.

    Oh well, if there were no bugs, we’d be in heaven. And how boring would that be!

  • Um, dude, I didn’t do anything yet LOL! Maybe it just magically fixed itself.

    As for the Smart Diary Suite posting, np at all.

  • watcher13

    Eureka! By jove, you’ve done it. I see a bright, shiny submit comment button with IE (well, not really bright and shiny). Truthfully, I should stop being a troglodyte and slave to Darth Bill and start using Firefox regularly. But, this way, you’ll get more of the good feedback you obviously deserve.

    Since I’m already posting, I partially apologize for my Smart Diary Suite posting. I was a bad boy and didn’t read Bubby’s posting guidelines before shooting off my big keyboard, so to speak. I realize now you were partly pointing out that some of the sites I had posted were potentially unrealiable file dumps. Like I said, though, I just wanted to get the topic started, hoping that the people who needed it would do the software testing and would, hopefully, do so carefully. So, in this case, I would have asked for leniency from the court, anyway. :)

    Take care.