Microsoft Surface Pro is going on sale February 9 for $899


While Microsoft’s Surface didn’t do so well during the holiday season, it’s getting another shot this February with the Surface Pro. Microsoft has announced that while they missed their January target date, the Surface Pro will be launching just a month later on February 9th.

For those of you who don’t remember or for those who were simply confused, Surface Pro is the tablet that runs a full version of Windows 8. It’s got a full Intel Core i5 processor in it, so you’ll be able to run all your usual x86 applications on it as opposed to just those designed to run on ARM. The Surface Pro will also have pen support, and depending on just how robust its touch input is, could make it a very viable option for creators on the go.

All those added features it has on the regular comes with a price, however, physically and financially. The Surface Pro is both thicker and heavier than the Surface — but some might say that desktop apps might make the extra heft more than worth it. The tablet is launching initially in the US and Canada, but other places should be getting it in the coming weeks and months. The Surface Pro is starting at $899 for the 64GB model.

[via The Verge]

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  • mukhi

    so we pay $899 for soon-to-be-outdated hardware and pay more (and, outrageously) if we want pen and keyboard in addition to it just for sake of having a “full OS”? the device is too big to qualify as a tablet anyway, so why not spend on an expensive laptop like MBP13 retina instead?

  • Mike

    @Ed: Consumers, unlike me, nowadays seem to be built of money (or debt), willingly spending more as time goes on, rather then being fiscally conservative.

  • DoktorThomas

    @jayesstee: “We” don’t buy fruit products either.. No justification their pricing except gouging the users.

  • DoktorThomas

    @Mike: Or, 199USD like the ChromeBook.
    If it’s MSFT, it can’t be that good…

  • Ed

    Why would anyone spend that much money on something that really cannot be upgraded in any way as far as hardware goes and will more than likely be outdated by the next newest thing a month down the road.

    One would think the slimmer and better technology gets the cheaper things will get but Apple and Microsoft have proven me wrong countless times. Consumers greed overcome them and most do not care how much the item is, they just have to have it..

  • jayesstee

    Perhaps the Microsoft beancounters think: “If Apple can charge silly prices – why not us?”

  • Mike

    Can you imagine the draw and furor that this would have caused if priced at $599 instead?

  • fontda

    The extra cost is for the pen support…
    MS thinks that this is made of gold for that price

  • Enrique

    @Kelltic: The x86 applications don’t have to be in full screen mode actually, you can run them on the good ol’ desktop environment. That price is pretty high though!

  • Kelltic

    Curioser and curioser. Seriously, $899? for a tablet with an OS whose biggest selling point is that it will “allow” me to run all my 86x applications only in full screen mode? hahahahahahahaha. I suppose that will work for some folks. :)