Kim Dotcom’s newly launched Mega already has anti-piracy groups trying to shut it down


After launching Mega in one of the strangest technology press conferences to date, it looks like the site is already target of anti-piracy groups that want it shut down.

Robert King, who is affiliated with the adult industry, is also behind an anti-piracy group called StopFileLockers. Just how do they stop file lockers? By strangling their finances. King says that they’ve already shut down hundreds of sites by disrupting their cash flow — and Mega seems to be his next target.

King has begun a “campaign to have the payment processing of all Mega resellers terminated.” He also says that “Mega itself does not process payments because nobody would process payments for it.” TorrentFreak notes that Mega’s current selection of resellers include a number of reputable companies, specifically domain resgistrar’s Instra, Euro DNS and Digiweb. If the cash flow of these companies were interrupted like King said they’d be, that would mean potentially severe damages to their core businesses.

Apparently King didn’t believe any of Dotcom’s speeches of abiding by all laws and putting privacy and freedom at the forefront of Mega either:  “We haven’t and wont go after legitimate services like Dropbox – however from its inception the new Mega was never intended to be a legitimate cloud storage service as it has all the fundamental qualities of an infringing file locker service, the only thing missing at this stage is an affiliate program,” according to King.

Interestingly, King says that there are currently no features in place for rights holders to gain access and remove files, as well no way of using technology to match files to detect copyrighted content. This is most likely due to all the privacy features Dotcom has been pushing. King then says that they’ve already detected hundreds of copyright infringing material being shared by mega. But when TorrentFreak asked for evidence, he said that “data would be released in due course.”

Sounds like we’re gonna be hearing from Kim Dotcom again pretty soon.

[via TorrentFreak]

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  • YourGuess

    What Robert does has nothing to do with Fox News witch hunts. Honest small time porn producers that drive normal 10+ year old cars and live in small 2 bedroom homes are being put out of business by all the piracy out there. How do I know? I’m one of them! I use to make a good living and now I’m lucky if I can take a $1000 paycheck each month. FOr the last 7 months I’ve only been making $500 a month and living off my partner’s savings (down from $4000 in 2007). It’s crippled us. All he is doing is attacking the funding of sites that use affiliate programs that promote people to add copyright infringing content to their sites. It must be working because in the last few months I’ve doubled by paycheck to the still unliveable amount of $1000.

  • clockmendergb

    I bet this Robert king Guy votes Fox News
    Its amazing how easily these witch hunts get off the ground.

    Sounds so much like Fox News, the Tea party, the NRA and of course the Entertainment industry.

    We really need to move on ,away from these type of people.
    The do far more damage than good and yet still get away from it.

  • Ashraf

    @Switch-kun: Then the question is: who should have to pay for the cost of removal? The hosting company or the IP owners?

  • Switch-kun

    Seems like a lot of people don’t like “Robert King” on torrentfreak. Honestly speaking, Dropbox can easily be abused as well… heck any service can be easily abused. It’s a matter of if the company is dedicated enough to remove illegal content from their services.