dotTech’s new rating system

Hello friends,

A couple of days ago I made a post requesting some artistically advanced dotTechies to help me out with a few logos/buttons I needed designed for dotTech. Since then I have deleted that post because so many people have offered to create the logos/buttons and since I can only pick one, I don’t want a lot of people spending their time for no fruit if you get what I mean.

The logos/buttons have been designed, created, and in fact already implemented as most of you may have noticed. Before I spill the beans further, however, I would like to thank Liam, Steve, Dae, and everyone else (who’s name I may have forgot to mention) that offered to and/or worked on a logo/button for dotTech. Thank you all so much for being willing to help out!

That being said, I would like to thank Tejas for creating the new (awesome) dotTech logos/buttons. These new logos/buttons now define dotTech’s new “rating” system as follows (listed in the order of worst to best rating):

  • If the software/website/product being reviewed is rated to be below par and not worth purchasing/downloading/using, it will be stamped with this:

  • If the software/website/product being reviewed meets the bar (i.e. is “good”) and is worth purchasing/downloading/using, it will be stamped with this:

Take note while the software/website/product has been rated to be “good”, if it does not say “recommended” that means I feel there is a better software/website/product out there which you can grab.

  • If the software/website/product being reviewed is excellent in almost all areas and there is no other software/website/product which can effectively perform better than the one in question, the software/website/product will be stamped with:

Any software/website/product with the “recommended” stamp is recommended by dotTech.

  • There may be multiple recommended software/website/product that perform similar jobs. The new “favorite” stamp…

…is meant to to show the best of the best. More often than not, a software/website/product with this stamp is being used by me hence it being a dotTech “favorite”.

If you are the developer/owner of the software/website/product I reviewed, feel free to post any of the above stamps on your website to show people because we all know a dotTech review carries a lot of weight ^_^. However please don’t hotlink to the images; rather download them and upload them yourselves.

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