‘iPad Head Girl’ walks around a park in New York City, confuses the heck out of people [Video]


You have a head (I hope). I have a head (hang on, let me double check… yep, still there). What if, instead of a head, you had iPads? What would you look like? How would you see? How would people react? Could people start playing Angry Birds on your face? Answers to all your questions can be found in the following video the iPad Head Girl. Check it out:

Come on, go ahead, you can say it: WTF!

For those that are curious, iPad Head Girl is a clever marketing method. (And it has nothing to do with Apple.) Check out the following video, which explains how they did it:

Note how the guy in the previous video who touched the iPad at the end is part of the team who put it together. And here I thought he had real balls.

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