“You are hacked! The Chinese cat gang pownz you!” [Comic]

With so many hacking incidents hitting the headlines recently, and with many of them being blamed (directly or indirectly) on Chinese hackers, it was only a matter of time before someone cooked up a joke about it all, right? Well that time has arrived, and while the comic isn’t stomach-wrenching funny, it should make you smile. Check it out:



[via Joy of Tech]

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  • jayesstee

    Back in the ’80/90s, there was a joke screensaver that put op a message: “You have been viewing inappropriate pictures. The Hard Disk now requires cleaning.”
    Then the screen (CRTs in those days) would appear to fill up with water, and splash around with gurgling sounds. The screen looked and sounded like the window in a washing machine.
    Much embarrassment for the victim!

  • Strahd

    that was funny.

    I did somethign like that to a friend at work.

    He is not computer literate and all i did was add a reminder every 5 minutes that would pop up and that read,


    Needless to say he got freaked out and had to call IT over. Yeah, IT wasn’t all too happy having to have been called away for about 30-40 minutes trying to figure out what type of virus it was. Thinking this was an actuall virus, they didnt take they idnt realize it was only a windows reminder.

    I never mentioned that it was me who placed the reminder onto his computer, as IT and my boss weren’t too happy about the prank.

    Til this day people joke around with new employees about the dangers of watching porn at work.

  • Maurice

    Haha love it

  • Hamza

    ROFL !