makes its search box larger

Old search box:


New search box:


Huzzah! Personally the new larger search box feels odd to me. What do you guys think?

[via Official Google Blog]

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  • Jone

    personally i liked the new design a lot. its more user friendly.

  • hoping everyone to type alot alot alot of things when you want to search something. :P

  • Josh

    What!? ….. Not only did I spend half an hour fiddling fruitlessly with the settings, I have been worrying about this weird behaviour for days! What a relief to read this … at last I can sleep again tonight.

    Maybe I should have my eyes tested, but I didn’t see any obvious notice about the change when it started.

    Anyway, it’s OK, although I don’t see any serious need for it and it does look strange. Maybe we are just feeling the old “resistance to change” impulse?

    All those changing images that they display above the search bar, annoy me more than this.

  • come2learn

    If you want to know it’s large or not, why don’t you make a vote: member just click then everybody can see how many percent agree with you.
    a. Large, I don’t like it. Keep the previous one
    b. Normal, that’s enough. Keep this screen like this
    c. Small, I like it, but make it larger than this

  • Ozzie

    Well how bizarre. I just clicked to open the search page, and it was huge again. Maybe it is my eyes after all. But I could swear a few minutes ago I opened the search page a few times and it was small each time. Am I going nuts?

  • @Ozzie: Still big here

  • Ozzie

    Hmmm, do my eyes deceive me or has the search box reverted back to its original size? It feels like Google is messing with my mind! Or my eyesight at the very least!

  • shrom

    It sucks!!

    Why would you wanna make it bigger in size when everything else goes proportionately out of sync..
    If you had noticed google did UNDO this change after 3 or 4 days but stuck with this big searchbox and text again

    I mean if your eye sight is not okay the rest of the text has to be equally big.

    I wonder what these guys were thinking.

    Totally dumb change..

  • Jhon

    they probably had a 12 hr. board meeting and took then 2 month’s to make the decision to change that crappy looking textbox :-)

    Google need someone like me to get things done better and nicer, I wonder if they can afford me.

  • Rob

    You are probably right.
    I wonder how many people that used to have 4:3 15″ or 17″ screens, have gone out and bought an equivalent(THEY THOUGHT) widescreen 15″ or 17″ screen, and got home to find, there is a lot less height than what they had before (thus smaller text)

  • RonCam

    Maybe in response to people generally having higher-resolution monitor screens?

  • arahni

    LOL! at least it is a relief to find out that I am not the only one thinking that something was wrong with my computer! I was blaming the latest microsoft security update :)
    The box looks horrible to me, and I don’t want to have to get used to it, aren’t they any plans for customisation of the page?

  • J. L.

    Doesn’t anyone use the OpenSearch Search Engines? (top right search box within Firefox and IE by default).
    I don`t even need to access the main site anymore to search within it (Google included of course). You can get plugins for almost all sites from Also, you can create your own with this Firefox add-on:

    Now, as for my opinion of the new Google search box, I think it looks fine, maybe better for widescreen users like myself.

  • hahaguy

    Furthermore, I tend to use search bar (CTRL+K) in Firefox…rarely open up Google front page. But if you are the type of person who does not like the ‘new super-sized’ search box, you can install a user script that will make the search box go back to normal size.

    Get the user-script from here:

    Or you can simply CTRL+MOUSEWHEELDOWN or CTRL+Minus.

  • hahaguy

    LOL…I didn’t notice this before reading your post…I use Firefox default homepage that’s why.

  • jen

    You are not the only one thinking it was your computer.
    I too tried changing the text size and then checked my screen resolution and made sure clear type fonts was on. To me it looks way, way to large and the font is to heavy and dark. I don’t like it very much.
    I’m glad I stumbled across this page or I would have been tearing my hair out!!

  • Ashraf

    @Darthyoda: All of them are changed >.>’.

  • Darthyoda

    Or use any other country specific version of the website. Since I use, didn’t know anything had changed.

  • amnesia


  • Jo

    It sucks!!

    Tip: Use Firefox start page if you want the original search size. This is of course for those who use Firefox.

  • The larger box doesn’t bother me; but like Ozzie I thought something was going on with the larger font.

    Once in a while I adjust the font to read a website and I thought perhaps I’d accidentally left it at 125%. Of course I hadn’t! What seems odd to me is the large font in the search box but the font in the results remains the same size.

    It took me all of 30 seconds to get “over” the change and on with my search!

  • david roper

    The larger size doesn’t bother me at all. Ability to use more words may narrow down the search results. That’s what I really want from the “Goog” meister. I want to put in 10 words and get 20 choices in 10.5 seconds with all the words “And-ed”, not 10,000 results in 0.17 seconds with all the words “Or-ed”.

  • Rob

    A similar ability already existed, where if you highlighted a word and right clicked it, you get an option to Google it for you.
    And if you would like the ability to do that from anywhere (eg Notepad, Word, Excel, anywhere), you could install the free PhraseExpress.
    Highlight some text (in any application), and press Ctrl F8, then hit Enter twice, and it opens up a new Tab, in your browser, and does the Google search for you.

    PhraseExpress, also does a lot of other cool things.

  • Lullu

    You know what? Ever since I installed the Hyerwords plug in and the Google search engine for Firefox, I have never had to actually go to the Google homepage. All I’ve ever done is highlight the word and tada! Automatic search.

    So thanks for pointing that out! I would have never noticed! :D

  • When it happened, I was wondering….Now what? Did I leave my cap button on?

    Oh Zeus! What next will the Gods foist upon us to enhance our lives?

  • Ozzie

    Thank god you wrote this! I thought there was something wrong with either my eyes or my comp. Seriously, I did. I even tried fiddling with the text size. Mystery solved!

  • Tortuga

    Hello All :D

    Hummm … Seems a bit too big.
    Maybe good for ppl (of a certain age) that *start* losing their sight, but its a narrow window, as at some point we all finally give in and get (the darn!) glasses (I still hate it!!!), so dont really see the point of having it bigger …

    If someone knows h2 put it back smaller, pray tell ;)
    If not, as w everything, I suppose we’ll get used to it.


  • Rob

    I reckon it should be half way between the original (what we used to have), and the Advanced.
    That is, some of the advanced options should be part of the main (normal) Google page EG –
    Text that must appear
    Text that must not appear
    Site search

  • Ashraf

    @Kinetix: I don’t know about “frighten” (=P) but I think I agree with amnesia: it looks too big.

  • Emrys

    Don’t be such a size Queen. You’ll get used to it. :D

  • amnesia

    I think it’s too big.

  • It frightens me.