Free SnagIt 7.2.5 (Old version)

Note: Ashraf already posted about his favorite screenshot program here.  I am just informing you about this great offer!

TechSmith is offering an old version- 7.2.5- of their screenshot software, SnagIt, for free.

SnagIt is, according to CNET:

The good: New Web Capture feature takes shots of entire Web pages; simultaneous multiple output; scrolls screen automatically; includes image annotator and catalog/thumbnail viewer.

The bad: Weak wizard; fewer output file formats than competitors; no Mac version.

According to Top Ten, it is very easy to use!

To register,  follow the link at the bottom and find a page like this:

Home Page

You should enter a valid email, because they email you the key.


Note that you can get the new version for 50% off by following the instructions in the email.


Get the link in the email

Get your free key:

Suggestions?  Other comments?  I need to improve!  Please add comments.

Via XP Bargains

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  • @Beth: I am getting a good page when I go to it. If you send your email address to I will send enter your email in the field.

  • Beth

    Like Mike, I got the “we’re sorry! We were unable to find the page you requested.” when trying to get a key. Even Techsmith is giving out the same link for the key when I contacted them. We have until June 5th to get our keys, hopefully their webmaster will update the page.

  • Mike

    And in trying again a moment ago, the link for a key doesn’t work; instead I get a page stating, “We’re sorry! We were unable to find the page you requested.”

  • Mike

    Likewise as to not receiving the key, in my normal email account (and I’ve checked my spam filter as well). Tried multiple times.

  • @Tim: Don’t know about that second part. I’ll update the post about the first.

  • Tim

    When I try to download from your “Download” link I only get a 732KB file which doesn’t run. In order to get the 11.3 MB file which does run, I downloaded from the “Get your free key” link. Also, When I apply for the free key, it is not sent to my email address. I tried several times. But if I use a mailinator address, it is sent. I am not using a spam blocker and I am getting other email. Does anyone know why I would not be getting the key sent to my email address, but why it is being sent to a mailinator email address?

  • Janet

    Any reason to prefer this over Ashraf’s FastStone Capture, which does all the things mentioned here (e.g., scrolled pages, image editor, etc.)? What does SnagIt have that FastStone Capture doesn’t?


  • mario

    SnagIt is the name of the game in the screen capture field, BUT the version offered (7.2.5) is NOT Vista compatible. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t and hangs the computer. I think the first Vista version is 8.1.
    As for the problems mentioned by Ozzie, I’ve not installed SP2 yet, but I have installed ERDNT few months ago. It creates a system backup everyday on logon. Only this week, it “saved my life” twice. Something is hanging my computer and I can’t find what.

  • Ozzie

    Well, I’m off to the countryside for the weekend. I did a Paragon backup a few days ago, so hopefully that will restore my system to its former glory. But that will have to wait until Monday. Ah, Microsoft, what can I say …. you’ve done it again.

  • Ozzie

    Well, I liked it so much I bought it. I’m using the latest version 9.something.

    Oh, on another topic completely. I just installed Vista SP2 – #$@&%!!!!!

    Totally stuffed up my comp. System restore is now gone so I can’t rollback the changes. And everytime it loads now, I get the message that it is installing Part 3 of the SP2 install. I have no idea what to do. I do not want to reinstall – and indeed don’t know how to as it didn’t come with a OS reinstall disc.

  • AOA
    Thanks a lot Janab.
    Just brilliant :)

    I used it in past but didn’t had enough money to buy it. (After all, I’m a freeware lover ;) ).

    Its one of my favorite tools.

    Thank you

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    @Ozzie: SnagIt already installs IE toolbar for IE & IE-based browsers

    P.S. SnagIt 9 -the new- is brilliant especially its great editor

  • @Ozzie: Which version are you using?

  • Ozzie

    I was a PicPick user until I came across Snagit a little while back. Now I am a devoted convert. The ability to instantly take scroll-down pics of web pages was its big selling point for me (I regularly have to do this and find it a problem with other progs). And the built-in editor is superb. If anyone hasn’t tried Snagit, grab it while you can. Firefox users (and really, why wouldn’t you be!) can also install a Snagit add-on from the developer’s web page to enable ease of screen-grabbing from within the browser. A truly great program!

  • @David Roper: Ashraf posted about a different screenshot program here:

  • David Roper

    Been using PrintKey 2000 version 5.10 as freeware. Guess I will try this now. Seems to be well respected in the PC world for a long time.