[Windows] Protect your computer from viruses and malware spread via USB drives with MCShield 2

MCShield 2If you use a lot of USB devices to transfer files between computers, you have to be careful. It is very easy to pick up a virus from someone’s computer or from a USB device that someone gives to you. To protect yourself, you need a program on your computer that will scan USB drives for potential threats. That is where MCShield 2 comes into play.


Main Functionality

MCShield 2 is a program that scans the USB devices that you hook up to your computer for malware. It has the ability to scan and quarantine any malicious files that it finds. The heuristic engine this program comes equipped with will help you detect threats in real-time.


  • Protects against malware and viruses that can spread from removable devices (not just USB drives). This includes digital cameras, mobile phones and external hard drives
  • Detects newly connected USB drives and will automatically scan them
  • Quick scanning
  • Creates backup copies of all of the files detected and deleted
  • Offers the user real time global statistics
  • Free for both home and business use


  • The download for this program scored a 3/45 on VirusTotal. Most likely these are false positives, but it is worth pointing out.


MCShield 2 ScreenshotIn short, MCShield 2 is an anti-malware USB protection program. It is able to protect your PC from malicious software that can be transmitted through removable devices. This program does not just protect you from viruses that may be located on your USB drive. It protects viruses that can spread via any removable device, including digital cameras, phones and even external hard drives.

Once the program is downloaded, you will need to install it. As with most programs, the startup wizard will guide you easily though this process. I did not notice any “extra” programs or extra toolbars that MCShield 2 tried to install. This was something that I was on the lookout for since the program scored a 3/45 on VirusTotal.

After the program is installed, you will see that it has a pretty easy-to-understand interface. You will also see that the program will continue to run in your taskbar. This was fine since I did not notice the program taking a huge bite out of my system’s resources. In fact, it ran virtually unnoticed (as far as system resources are concerned).

The program has 7 different tabs: General, Scanner, Update, Quarantine, Whitelist, Stats and About. However, you will not have to worry yourself about these tabs right away. In fact, once the program is installed, it will start protecting your computer right away. If you want to adjust your experience with the program, I would suggest starting off with the General and Scanner tab. Here you will find various options that you can use to customize how the program scans devices that are attached to your computer. The update tab will help you adjust how often your program scans for updates to its database. By default, I believe it is set to every two hours.

From what I understand about the program, it protects from both link and script exploits, worms and other malware. When you insert a portable device into your computer, it is scanned automatically. If nothing is found, the program will show a pop up message confirming that no malicious software was found. If an infected file is found, it will be quarantined so you can decide what to do with it. It is then recommended that you do a deep scan of the portable device.


MCShield 2 is a very helpful tool that can protect your computer from malicious software that is spread via portable devices. This is not a program made to replace your anti-virus system. It is only made to scan and delete viruses found on USB devices. To that end, the program works perfectly. I recommend this program to anyone who uses a lot of removable devices.

Take note MCShield 2 is not a replacement for your current anti-virus/anti-malware program. It is secondary/supplemental.

Price: Free

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download size: 2MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 3/45

Is it portable? No

MCShield 2 homepage

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  1. sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    @ “Borislav”:

    While I can’t address the program,
    or its effect on “Ralph’s” computer,
    I do want to say that I for one,
    appreciate you’re checking the comments here on dottech.org.
    Many ‘developers’ don’t seem to ‘have time’ for that, anymore.
    Sad to say,
    that’s how developers can gain valuble feedback on the “real world” effects of their work.
    Thanks for taking the time to ‘check out’ the dottech comments.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  2. Borislav

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you had, but rest assured it was not caused by MCShield.
    The program does not install any drivers, does not inject code into other programs, does not install any browser plugins, does not change any system settings (except adding a startup item if configured so by the user).
    When active, it simply waits for a notification from Windows that a new drive has been connected, nothing else. So, it can not influence your browsers or any other program in any way.

    What you’re describing seems like a temporary glitch related to Win update or some browser plugin (maybe Java or Flash).
    If you’re interested to see how the program works, give it another try, I’m quite sure it won’t cause any problems (I’ve been working on it for three years and I’ve never had a report like that).

  3. Ralph

    On my win8 pro x64 PC this morning, when I launched chrome and then went to read my yahoo mail, chrome became unresponsive, and eventually popped up with unresponsive plugin error msg. Responding stop, did not help with unresponsiveness. IE had the same issue. I uninstalled MCShield 2, restarted, Win8 was stuck with preparing to configure msg, powered PC down. Powered it up, everything is back to normal.