‘Thor’s Well’ in Oregon may be that hole to China everyone talks about [Amazing Photo of the Day]

A few days ago we shared a stunning photo of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Today we have a photo of yet another place in Oregon to share with you — ‘Thor’s Well’.

You know that hole to China people always? Digging a hole to China? Thor’s Well may very well be it… or at least someone’s attempt at it! Check it out:




Pretty cool, no? Anyone that wants to learn more about Thor’s Well should do a search for ‘Spouting Horn’, too — that is its other name.

[via EnvironmentalGraffita, images via Miles Morgan, Sheldon Nalos, Darren White]

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  • jayesstee

    Great find!   Can Oregon contractor come to Europe and dig a few more to counteract the threat of rising sea levels?

  • jacal

    “A large hole was present in the rock about 10 feet in diameter.”
    The pictures are easier to find than the actual size of the thing.

  • Susanne

    Wow, is that ever coo! All the times I’ve driven down (& back up) the Oregon coast, I’ve never ever heard of this place.