How the world sees the United Kingdom [Image]

Advance notice to my friends from the United Kingdom: don’t be offended, this post is a joke (and I didn’t create the image, I just found it)!

I am sure if you live in the United Kingdom you probably have a good idea of your fellow countrymen, the different cities of Britain, etc. However, for the rest of us, the rest of world — how do we view you guys and gals? The following image tells a true tale; check it out:


LOL! Sadly, London probably is the only English city I can name… Oh wait, maybe Manchester. Or is that Canada? So much for geography, Ashraf.

[via Reddit]

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  • Paul D

    That’s pretty much how many Americans see the rest of the world. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve heard of Yanks who think Australia and Austria are the same place. Even Donald Rumsfeld, who you would hope has more brains than that.

  • Glen

    @Col. Panek: It’s Scots not Scotch!Scotch is what yanks call whiskey.

  • Mr.Dave

    Still laughing over “Waffles”. Good one!

    I can picture a similar map of the US, with the only city names being LA, New York, Boston, Chicago and maybe Miami. 5 or 6 states. And the big place to the north being split into “Hockey” and “Maplesyrup”!

  • Mags

    @Col. Panek: I am half Welsh (south Wales) LOL

  • Seamus McSeamus

    The Scotch-Irish part of me finds this very amusing. The rest of me grew up enamoured with the history of the UK, so I can probably name a few more English cities, towns and villages than most Americans.

  • Col. Panek

    London is my least favorite place on that map. But Wales really is “empty space”. I can’t understand half their lingo in the Midlands. But they speak American over in “Waffles”. The thing I hate most about the UK is the roads. Not a single mile of straight road, too tiny, no shoulders, and there’s the wierd left-handed thing. And every street corner, the name of the road changes.

  • Donna


  • Frobie

    Don’t worry Ashraf. My wife is from Nottingham in England and if I have asked her at anytime where is such and such a city in England she always says errr West, no wait, North errrrr or South or possibly East of Nottingham. She admits she’s not much on geography. She navigates with the map book whenever we tour around my country of Australia in areas i’ve never been before. I’m thinking of buying a GPS navigation system to avoid the “where the hell are we” arguments now. I’d love to see how she does as navigator for the driver in a car rally..I can hear it all now..where the bloody hell are we? Hhhmmm,,White Fang…isn’t that London?

  • Anonymail

    As a proud descendant of Irish ancestors, I LOVE the map! HAHAHAHA

  • Machar

    Oh dear. The map is of (part of) the British Isles, not specifically the UK. And there’s no need for apologies, as the joke is all about the typical American’s knowledge of the UK. The labeling of everywhere in England as London is unfortunately all too true in that context but I’m disappointed in you, Ashraf. Never heard of York, the place that New York was named after? How about Liverpool (clue: The Beatles), or Canterbury (another one-time Mediaeval capital of England, as was York)? There are several hundred other cities, the most recently appointed being Inverness in 2000, to mark the millennium. BTW, the person who created the image was almost certainly English, as they chopped off most of Scotland, including the part where Inverness is located. And there are plenty of English people who are equally ignorant of the geography of our islands. Some of them are even Londoners. ;-)