Father pays daughter $200 to stop using Facebook


A father in Boston is paying his daughter to quit Facebook. He’s giving her $200 to stop using the social network for at least 5 months, and they even have their own official contract containing the agreement.

The agreement states that Paul Baier, the father, will get access to his daughter’s Facebook account to change the password and deactivate the account for her, preventing her from re-activating it herself before the proposed end date. Her Facebook account will stay deactivated from February 4 to June 26. As for the money, Baier will be giving his daughter $50 this April then the rest of it in June. She says she plans to use the money to buy “Stuff.”

Check out the contract:


“Why not try something called ‘parenting’. It’s more difficult than bribery but will more beneficial to your daughter in the long run,” one commenter said in response to the story. In his defense, his friend Kent Wellington said, “He’s a good guy and good parent. Regardless, there’s nothing wrong with a parent being proactive with their kids in the area of social media. I’m sure the dialog that lead up to the agreement was as valuable as the contract.”

I wonder if my parents will pay me to stop using Facebook. I’d like to get myself some “Stuff” too.

Was it a bad idea? Would you give your kid money to quit Facebook too? Tell us in the comments!

[via CNN, image via “Picture Youth”]

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  • Kelltic

    When my son was in the 7th grade, and failing most of his classes, I told him I’d give him $160 if his next report card had nothing lower than a B. That was a lot of $ in those days and he was wowed.

    His next report card had one B on it. The rest were all As. He asked if I’d make him the same deal for the next school quarter. I told him no. However, he carried a 3.9 grade average for the rest of his student years, right through a Masters degree.

    Sometimes we just need to know what is possible and what life is like when we do something differently.

  • riya

    Before my finals start, my mom just bans me from net for 3 months. Try crossing the line and the ban extends for 6 months! She doesn’t pay me anything… :(

  • GF

    Tony, you say just the contrary of what the article tells.
    I think it’s acceptable giving a bit of money to sons/daughters so that they do something.
    But that father pays his daughter to avoid she does something. That father is therefore unable to control his daughter by words and by sound behaviors, just like a parent should do. Education of that girl is based on… money!!!

    In front of such things, I almost wish another Flood…

  • GF

    An economic written contract between a father and his young daughter!!!!
    It’s not a game: it’s really obsession for money.
    Am I wrong if I say that certain things are typical of USA????

    (Administrator, don’t exploit my e-mail address to retort me, as I don’t represent that ignoble country you know)

  • jayesstee

    For another approach to parenting a daughter, see:
    If you are impatient, fast foreward to 7 minutes into the video.

  • lems1802

    This father is creating a corrupted girl! What a shame, dad…

  • Marc hate’s Facebook

    Well said Tom, How/Where do i “Like” this comment? lol..

  • Tony

    @Tom and others,
    There is nothing wrong with some financial encouragement. I used to earn some money doing chores in my mother’s house like painting, fixing fence…now my kids earn some money
    maintaining lawn….they will learn something too. Lighten up people, the contract is just for fun…

  • GF

    It’s horrifying that the relationship between parents and sons/daughters must be established by a written contract and money.

  • Tom

    What a lame dad. Just lay down the law. Is he going to pay her to eat well, get good grades, and keep herr virginity until marriage? #ParentingFail

  • Daveb

    Did it work?

  • Enrique

    @mukhi: True, it’s especially bad when people are just mindlessly scrolling through their feeds. As a communication tool, however, I think it’s great!

  • mukhi

    i find FB like social networks to be terrible. it consumes quality time, you become a couch potato, and you almost learn nothing out of it. it may be way more detrimental than your TV; please beware…