I had no idea men can be this flexible… [Image]

Before I share the image for this post, let me give everyone a quick background.

For about 100 years, the British ruled what is today known as the Asian subcontinent (or Indian subcontinent) — the countries of Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh (which used to be part of Pakistan as East Pakistan). In 1947 the British withdrew from India (pre-partition India, not India of today) and on their way out created two countries, Pakistan (which was made up of West and East Pakistan) and India.

The eastern border of West Pakistan and the western border of India was marked by the Radcliffe Line. This line ran through a village of Wahag (or Wagah), effectively splitting the village in two — one part in Pakistan and one part in India. At this village is the location of the Wahag border crossing, the only by-land border crossing between Pakistan and India.

Every day since 1959 there is a ceremony held at this border crossing to mark the closure of the gates. Pakistan Rangers (in black) and India Border Security Force (in brown) take part in what can be best described as a geo-political epeen contest, marching around showing off their manliness. The following photo is from one of these ceremonies… and it hurts my [fill in the blank] just thinking about how flexible these guys are. Check it out:


Ouch! And, yes, I tried it — no way I can get that high.

As an added bonus, here is a video by the BBC on this ceremony:

Personally, I think the whole ceremony is stupid. And I’m from Pakistan. However, better this than shooting at each other.

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  • bearmon2010

    Again, you had no idea men can be this flexible ? Why ? Where were you ? Google it and its everywhere included very old history in 1800 as well. Men can be flexible just like women does.. Simple: We all have muscle, haven’t we ? Silly. :)

  • bearmon2010

    No this is not stupid ceremony. It is part of their culture as much as my culture in Portugal. You should be proud of your country and your culture. I feel sad that you felt its ceremony is stupid. Wow.

  • They do this every day? And draw a crowd?

    It was very interesting. And the guards do seem to enjoy it. All good.

    But really, you can’t raise you leg up like that?

    Love the commenter.

  • Keith

    Wouldn’t it be fun to have Michael Paling over for dinner…? You have to admit, he’s GOT to have some interesting stories.