Apple strikes again: Australian fire department says Apple Maps creates dangerous errors


Australians have been warned against using Apple Maps before, and it looks like they’re getting another reminder that Apple’s built-in maps application just isn’t quite ready for prime time.

The Country Fire Authority in Victoria is telling people to “to disregard Apple Maps township locations and instead focus on street names and the location of incidents and warnings in relation to their GPS location.” Turns out Apple’s Maps is directing people toward the center of a district, rather than the actual township itself.

So why is this dangerous at all? It’s because these errors are happening within the CFA’s FireReady bush fire awareness app. Brush fires can be pretty common in Australian, especially in Victoria. So a bush fire awareness app that’s powered by Apple’s Maps is probably not a very good idea, and the authorities were right in telling people to disregard some of the information in the app that could be wrong.

But better yet, why not disregard Apple’s Maps entirely? Google Maps is back on iOS — and updating the bush fire awareness app with Google’s map data should probably be the next thing they should do.

[via Sydney Morning HeraldThe Verge]

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