BitTorrent is launching SoShare, a service that lets you share files up to 1TB in size for free


SoShare has just been announced, and it’s a new file delivery service powered by BitTorrent. What makes it different from other services is the focus on large (very large) file sizes that coders, designers and content creators need to transfer on a daily basis.

The problem with other services, BitTorrent says, is they have limitations: “You can’t fit everything into an attachment. Syncing services have caps. Delivery services have limits.” The way the service works is that it allows for distributed transfers (just like BitTorrent) but it also maintains a master copy in the cloud, which allows for constant access. The service will allow you to create bundles of files of up to 1TB in size, and recipients don’t need an account to access it. The whole process is done through a web browser, after installing a plug-in from SoShare.

“There’s no media delivery service for people who work in media,” the company says. Which I believe might be true, as I have heard numerous designers/creators bemoan the fact that they don’t have a good way of sending and receiving all the large files they work on. This might be the answer. If you’re interested, the service is now in beta and you can sign up at the link below.

SoShare Beta sign-up page

[via BitTorrent, The Verge]

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  • Asashii Fustazi

    cant beleive that people actually want to store their info on a server or the cloud disasters just waiting to happen, just ask Kim DOT Com and Mega how thats going for them!

  • AFPhys

    and to think, I just hit “post comment” on today’s “multiple floppy disks” article bemoaning the loss of the days that my operating system came on a single floppy disk.