New ‘Rhino Shield’ screen protector is “impact resistant”, will prevent your phone or tablet screen from shattering


A UK-based Kickstarter project is hoping to raise funds for a new kind of screen protector — an “impact resistant” screen protector called the Rhino Shield that rivals Gorilla Glass, the existing sheet glass that you see in most devices today. The difference, however, is that Rhino Shield is a screen protector that can be used on top of any screen, even Gorilla Glass. So it is added protection, not replacement protection.

Eric Wang, who is founder of Evolutive Labs and designer of Rhino Shield, came up with the idea after his friends asked him about preventing shattered glass in their phones and tablets. Wang is a Ph.D. candidate in material science and engineering at the University of Cambridge, so he was actually the perfect guy to ask.


Wang says that the idea behind the protector is a simple physics equation: pressure is equal to force divided by area. As you can see in the image above, the Rhino Shield is composed of a multitude of layers. The impact dispersion and impact damping layers work together in reducing the amount of force per area. Check out their Kickstarter video below for some dropping tests versus Gorilla Glass! Spoiler alert: Rhino Shield + Gorilla Glass wins over just Gorilla Glass.

As of posting time, the Rhino Shield has £16,943 pledged of its £50,000 goal, with 21 days remaining. If you like this idea, head on over to the Kickstarter page at the link below and support it!

Rhino Shield on Kickstarter

[via KickstarterMashable]

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  • JMJ

    @AFPhys – I more-than-less agree with you. So-called smartphones are inherently (by design?) more prone to screen breakage, dropping, the elements, etc. I have a friend/colleague who completely abandoned his 20-year+ computer repair business in favor of phone repair… exclusively! Within 12-18 months of making that change, he leased the space next door to his shop, added three workers and is whistling all the way to the bank. Stastistics and anecdotal info are “one” thing but the proof is in the bottom line! And like this commenteer says…
    @Coyote – You’re completely right! On a tech site like dotTech I’m almost embarrassed to say that, for mobile phone, I still carry my Motorola Razr V3r… ONLY. It sits on my waist, can be answered/dialed with one hand and refuses to die after eleventeen drops, bangs and one swim in a puddle! I did the Qualcomm PPC6700 thing, to be l33t, still have it and have never bought another smart phone for my personal use. It’s form factor is infinitely better than the iPhone-like devices.
    @Ashraf – As AFPhys mentions, isn’t it necessarily true that adding any additional material between your fingers and the origional manufaturer’s screen will reduce the touch device’s responsiveness? If that is not the case, then why doesn’t Corning simply add another layer of its proven Gorilla glass or, alternatively, increase its thickness in order to improve “survivability”?
    @Enrique – Are there really hackers in China?

  • Enrique

    [@Ashraf] But they’re hacking everyone!!! :p

  • Ashraf

    [@AFPhys] I’ve been using a touchscreen smartphone for 3-4 year snow. I don’t see how touchscreens are a money sink. The only money I’ve put into a touchscreen is screen protectors, which typically cost less than $5 if you order generic ones off Amazon or eBay from China. I’ve never broken one.
    [@Coyote] Don’t buy the crappy brandnames. Not only are protectors like ArmorShiled, Zagg, etc. rubbery crap, they are expensive. Buy generic ones from China. They are clear, smooth as glass, and cheap.

  • Coyote

    [@AFPhys] I have to agree with part of your reasoning, touchscreen phones are just awkward to use and talk on. I wish phone development had kept going in the ergonomic direction it was headed with the Razr and other flip phones. They actually felt like a phone when held to your ear.

    But since this is where we are headed I don’t see them as a money sink. The tech and display quality requires a touch screen. How else could you display that much information and still be able to have inputs like a keyboard?

    But this idea will have to prove that it can protect as well as not dampen the touch controls. For instance the ArmorShield screen protectors brand claims a lot of these same qualities but makes the screen seem like it has a film of soft rubber on the screen. With damp or moist fingers it’s like running your fingers over shrinkwrap.

  • AFPhys

    I really dislike touch screens. Seems to me that they simply become another money sink. … Just like a yacht:definition = a hole in the water into which you pour money…

    That is what touch screens appear now to me with all the protectors and cleaners needed.