Goodbye Hotmail: All Hotmail users are being forcefully moved to, which is now available worldwide along with its multimillion-dollar ad campaign [Video]


Microsoft is officially taking out’s “preview” label, and is launching the service worldwide. This also means that Hotmail users will be slowly transitioned to the new service, albeit gradually. The good news? They’ll get to keep their email addresses — whether that’s, or even, none of that will change. The Hotmail brand, however, is going away.

The company is also launching an aggressive multimillion-dollar advertising campaign for the service, but it’s a little different from its previous “Scroogled” ads. This time the ads are meant to make people feel about using email, and hopefully The first ad, which is called “Get Going,” shows that the company is off to a great start with this new message:

But isn’t some little startup’s email service — they’re definitely not starting from scratch when it comes to their user base. The service currently has 60 million active users (a third of which coming directly from Gmail), and there are more than 300 million Hotmail users waiting to be moved over. For comparison, Gmail has around 425 million users (as of June 2012) and Yahoo! has 281 million users (as of December 2012). If you add the existing users of with all the Hotmail users that are going to be upgraded, Microsoft’s newly launched email service skips right over Yahoo! and is already knocking on Google’s door. That’s a pretty impressive start.

Microsoft also plans many more upgrades to the service in the new feature, such as Skype integration for video calling.

Are you sold on Or are you sticking (or switching) to another service? Comment and let us know!

[via CNN, The Verge]

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  • Longtime Hotmail user

    Clearly Microsoft didn’t listen to the magic 8-ball when it said “outlook not so good”.

  • John Tracy

    oulook suks bigtime have to sign in dozens of times a day they might just as well not even have the keep me signedin box its worthless,hot mail was eas to use and worked fine outlook sucks bad really fucked it up I wish they had left it alone.

  • j

    microsoft sucks in general BG wiil expire of a** C***** for allowing garbage like this to exist

  • another dickhead

    worst fucking piece fo shit ever to run on ANY computer I have ever OWNED. I had BASIC programs that ran better on a 5K VIC20 back in ’82. Fuck this !!

  • michelle

    Yeah, innovation for innovation’s sake is a losing proposition. When you have something that has weathered the test of time and you suddenly replace it with something as crappy and childish as you are saying to your customers, we don’t care about you any longer. You can’t go back to the old interface (like yahoo offered) and the new interface is slow, hogs my CPU and browser and jumps all over the place making it a confusing mess. Oh ye, that transition effect when you send an email is cool, but I don’t need or want it. Even when they fix the bugs I won’t be staying around long enough to use it, email is email and should be quick, simple and effective – is none of those. Microsoft loses the plot yet again, first with developer platforms, Metro, runtime environment, dropping .Net and now with it’s core email users. Dunno what to think, but I’m going to google, after dropping Yahoo recently and now Hotmail after 15 years. Bye bye microsoft. You are a dinosaur in a modern age and I won’t be inconvenienced by you. This is not one of those scenarios where people will eventually get used to something new, it’s more like a yahoo situation where they will leave in droves now that there is an alternative in gmail.

  • Todd

    It is absolutely terrible. I have used hotmail for years. This new forced mail has many flaws with the design. If you’ve never had hotmail, you might be able to handle the graphics.(cuz you wont know any better) but once you’re past that, there are alot offunctions that where readily available in hotmail but now hidden. Only to be replaced by new rediculous features that, while they may be fun or cute, are not as productive as the ones they hid. (I guess so the designer of these features gets an “ataboy” for designing them so they have them out there so people click them. Now I have made and or seen several constructive ideas that people wanted to see them fix, but MSN has a “take it or leave it attitude” Alot of the suggestions would have zero effect on the look or performance of this, otherwise crappy email, and only make it less of a headache for those use to a good email like hotmail. I originally thought they made these changes to make it easier on smart phones, then today, they forced the new t.msn on my smart phone. now when i click the email link on my smart phone, the sign in screen is tiny and i have to zoom into the right side of the screen to find where to sign in. Terrible!!!!!!! Luckily I have a Yahoo account as well.

  • Shayne

    I have been a loyal Hotmail user since 1995 or 1996, and with this unwanted change, and horrible interface of I think am going to be switching to Gmail. I’ve given this a shot, and I didn’t like the last change, and now with the, I think I’m done.

  • rosemary Gaskell

    This change over has totally disrupted my mail life. I have not been able to access my Outlook mail since change over.
    Hotmail was not perfect but I could at least read my mail on it. After I wasted a couple days trying to access mail and trying to find a tech support number and help I gave up and went to GMail. Again, not perfect but I can read my mail again.

  • rosemary gaskell

    <I have already changed to Gmail. Not totally my choice. I can't access/read my outlook mail at all. It worked for the first fifteen minutes. then stopped. I'm a writer so my mail is an important link. I also do not like the arrogant way the transition was done. I have not had an answer to any of my requests for help and the guides and instructions suck even more than Outlook.

  • OUTLOOK SUCKS! If I can’t have my hotmail back, I’m freaking outta here! Microsoft is REALLY staring to make me consider Apple – that’s BAD!

  • OUTLOOK SUCKS! If I can’t have my hotmail back, I’m freaking outta here!

  • jack

    I have a feeling that these figures are no where near the true amount cos I for one have over 15 different hotmail/live email addresses and most people I know have somewhere between 3 – 5

  • GAil

    will be moving to another, I cannot see well on the outlook- too much of the edges are lost to the ads

  • Frobie

    My Hotmail changed over to Outlook a few weeks ago and I don’t like it at all. It takes a bit of getting used to and I’ve had trouble actually signing out a few times where it seems to have locked up or not even allowed me access to the nic icon to signout. Signing in using my old Hotmail and password works fine though. I only use the service as a secondary email anyway for registrations of giveaways etc etc so it really is no great drama how it looks or acts as long as it works fine i’ll find my way around it easily enough. Once you master DOS anything is easy after that. It’s just that once you get used to a program and it works fine I just absolutely hate changing to something that doesnt seem as good..but that’s probably just me. I just don’t cope very well with change when I consider it doesnt need it..hence i’m still on XP on my main computer and W7 on my secondary when I want to fix a problem my wife has on her W7. I guess at 61 I’d have a problem changing the wife also. My 2 cents.

  • I’ve used Hotmail as my main e-mail service for a very long time. It has been incredibly useful and reliable, and I appreciate MS providing it for free. Some good improvements have come along over the years, although over the past six months or so Hotmail’s spam handling has become problematic. Some outfit is sending me tons daily. Hotmail sends this to the junk directory, but also sends some legitimate promo/deals mail there too. Attempts to get Hotmail to accept wanted promo mail in my inbox, like adding addresses to Contacts, have failed to yield the desired results. Meanwhile, Hotmail should let me enter IP numbers from which all e-mails are to be deleted — not even deposited in Junk directory. For some reason it won’t. I hope Outlook,com will.

    Years ago I tried a lite version of Outlook that came bundled with a PC. I thoroughly disliked it. I realize some biz-whiz types make Outlook a lifestyle motif. To each his own. As for, I’m determined to give it a fair, open-minded try.

  • kentkitty

    I have given Outlook a fair try and do not like it at all. When the time comes and I am forced to accept then I will use a different email account.

  • kentkitty
  • Strahd

    I really like I couldn’t stand all the ads in the other services so i moved on.

    Funny thing, when I began to close my accounts with Yahoo, and that inevitble window/page/pop-up asking why you were leaving, my reply was ” I can no longer tolerate teh ads and junk features I never use in Yahoo mail.

    Some 4-5 days later as I was closing and backing up a few important emails, I noticed Yahoo had copied the look of It had less clutter , but still had the ads, and junk features. A good step in the right direction but wasn’t enough for me to stick around.

    Now I’m not saying that I was the catalyst, but I figure many others had most likely did something similar as I, that prompted Yahoo to make some changes.

    I have been an user since Ashraf posted about it here, and I love it.

  • I moved to but i feel when I use login in id with, I always get error. When i use id, I pass through. Not sure what is the issue.

  • Dslr

    I’m still not feeling yet. Maybe I’m just too used to hotmail. Hopefully they can change a few things that I don’t like, then I’ll be good to go. Thanks.

  • DoktorThomas Or are you sticking (or switching) to another service?

    Both. Suspect the later option will win out.