Road rage + bus driver + bicyclist = Ouch [Video]

How many dotTechies suffer from road rage? I admit, I have a mild form of the disease and, although I have learned to subdue it, cuss words are often heard coming out of my mouth while driving. It is safe to say the following bus driver has a more severe case of road rage. Check it out:

Ouch indeed.

The bicyclist had a broken leg and a destroyed bike. The bus driver? Well he went to jail for 17 months. This happened in the UK.

[via MSNBC]

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  • jayesstee

    Is it just me or can you see the cyclist swerve to his right as the bus pulled right to overtake?
    I am an ex-cyclist, but I think that the cyclist was totally un aware of the following traffic.

  • AFPhy6

    I can understand the driver’s thinking. I have been driving my car, stuck behind a school bus for miles, stop and go and stop and… There are times I would loved to take my car and sweep that bus and driver off the road.