Eruption of a volcano, as seen from space [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Volcano eruptions are not very fun for the people who live nearby — having to evacuate, property damage (destruction), death in some cases, etc. However, volcano eruptions from space look, to put it simply, awesome.

The following image and short video are of the eruption of Sarychev volcano on the Kuril Islands, Russia, as caught by the astronauts on the International Space Station as it flew overhead. Check it out:



[via Reddit]

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  • Prema

    the site where it’s found on:
    is also another fantastic site worth checking out. it has panoramas of different places around the world + underwater panoramas + more gigapixel panoramas

  • kevbo

    [@Prema] Wow, that is one cool site!! Thanks.

  • AFPhy6

    Thats a lotta pixels!

  • Prema
    Just came across this. It’s a 320-gigapixel image of London

  • Dru

    Yes, very cool, indeed. Thx for posting!

  • AFPhy6

    Very cool. I love the way that the “cloud” that forms at the top of the plume as the hot gasses cool and the water begins to condense.