Are PlayStation 4 games going to cost $99.99 each?


I remember, back in the good ole days, brand new video games for PlayStation 2 and Xbox sold for US$49.99. Then Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 came along and bumped the price of games up to US$59.99. So it would surprise no one if games retailed at even higher prices for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. The question is how high.

If Amazon’s product page for Watch Dogs (PS4 version) is an indicator, new games for PS4 and Xbox 720 may sell for $99.99 per game. Which is more than a bit insane. The catch here is the price is supposedly just a placeholder because Amazon doesn’t know the real price yet… but you never know. After all, I doubt Sony will be able to sell its octa-core PlayStation 4 higher than cost and thus will need to make money off games.

If Americans indeed do end up paying $99.99 per game, Australians will really be screwed.

[via Geeks are Sexy]

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