Check out Disney’s beautiful Oscar-winning short film, Paperman [Video]


So the 85th Academy Awards just wrapped up and you’re upset that your favorite film or actor or director didn’t win. Relax, I have something we can all agree on — Disney’s Paperman deserved that Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

Okay, so maybe not everyone will agree that it was the best among the other contenders, but I think it can be universally praised for its astounding use of traditional hand-drawn animation and CG. It also has a charming little story wrapped around it. If you haven’t seen it yet, get to it!

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  • Roll

    Thanks. Search and found it here

  • KMHamm

    Too bad the video has been pulled by the user…

  • etim

    Thanks– I was gonna go look this up on the net anyway–you saved me the search.

  • Peter

    At least in the still image above, the main character looks as if he is related to Alfredo Linguini from the movie Ratatouille.
    Well, actually he is…

  • Enrique

    [@naveed] [@jayesstee] You’re welcome guys! Glad you enjoyed it as well! Truly deserving of the award.

  • jayesstee

    Thank you Enrique, thank you dotTech and thank you Disney.

    Got to get practising those paper ‘planes!

  • Now, this was worth posting! Thanks, Enrique.