Chinese official wrecks airport, video of carnage goes viral [Video]


If there’s one video that the Chinese government probably wants blocked by its Great Firewall, it’s this latest one that’s been making the rounds on the Internet today.

The video shows Chinese official Yan Linkun wrecking havoc in an airport in Kunming. Linkun and family reportedly missed their second flight of the day, and when he arrived at the gate and was refused entry, began to destroy computers and attempt to break the glass doors.

It’s also been reported that Linkun will be punished by his local political office and was also suspended from his vice chairman position at a mining company.

This just goes to show that you’re probably not gonna get away with things like this in public these days. With almost every single smartphone equipped with a camera and surveillance cameras present, it’s no surprise that this official’s behavior was caught on video and now he has to face the consequences.

[via Businessweek, The Verge]

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  • Herb

    George, you had me worried about my grammar. The “dog’s” comment wasn’t mine, but I really did mess up on my questions marks, or lack of them! (Is spelling the same thing as grammar?)

  • George Valentine

    For Herb – there is no apostrophe in plurals (Not DOG’s but dogs . . . )

    For Enrique – one does not “wreck” havoc, one “wreaks” havoc . . . .

  • RealBull

    Wow, these are the type of people in power. I think it’s scary.

  • TooHighMillionaire


    That’s because North American & European Union GUARD DOG’s are trained in that manner with no real life threatening reprecautions.(God forbid they would look weak in front of the rest of the world)
    In China the reprecautions extend to your family.(That is serious! No slap on the wrist over there. Behind the wood shed and a bullet in the head! and your family follows.)
    The arrogance is so thick, best to mind your own business.Power and Money you really don’t mess with in China!
    Ask your self a question.
    How much does a postal worker make in your country that is not classified as a third world country.
    Postal workers in China are paid horribly, but a bit better than the average poor person of China. Hence no security to the rescue. They know better then to mess with a power tripper.
    Take a trip to China. You see what I mean. Ha ha ha ha ha ;)

    I saw the Prime Minister of Canada MADE to WAIT in another room because he was of no importance to the President of China. That’s POWER!

    President of China see’s the Britain President or U.S. President after they’ve been pampered.

  • Ashraf

    Talk about entitled asshole. And, from the looks of it, none of his family members are trying to stop him either. His wife/daughter/whoever seems to be blaming others.

    Thanks, Enrique!

    [@Herb] Ditto.

  • Herb

    Wow. Where are their security people. Can you imagine this is almost any other airport – 3 or 4 minutes of this guy with nobody from security around.