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Hello dotTechies,

Before I begin, let me clarify that if you are subscribed to dotTech’s one-email-per-day newsletter managed by Feedburner (the one where you get one email every day and that email lists all the new articles on dotTech), you don’t need to read this article — it doesn’t apply to you, your daily emails are up and running without issues. This article is for those dotTechies are subscribed to dotTech’s one-email-per-article email notifications.

In the past six months or so, dotTech has had an issue with some of our email subscribers falsely marking the emails we send them as spam. I’ve asked time and time again to please *not* mark dotTech emails as spam just because you don’t like or want the emails; you can simply subscribe, every email includes an unsub link at the end. However, people in general are huge jerks when it comes to their inboxes and refuse to listen.

As you may have noticed, since 2-3 days dotTech has not sent out email notifications for new articles posted on dotTech. This is because more people have falsely marked our email as spam and, as a result, my web host has once again disabled dotTech’s emailing capabilities. I am, of course, working with my web host to get this resolved (again) but I have had enough of this bullshit. Not only is this costing me money (I’m being charged $100+ every time this happens) but it is hurting the website by denying regular and loyal readers notifications.

As such, I have made the hard decision to discontinue dotTech’s one-email-per-article notifications. Going forward, dotTech will no longer send one email out for every new article. If you were (are) subscribed to dotTech’s one-email-per-article notifications, I have automatically moved you to dotTech’s one-email-per-day newsletter (managed by MailChimp). This means you will still get articles notifications from dotTech but instead of one email per article, you will get only one email every day. This one email will list all the new articles posted on dotTech.

I apologize to those people this has inconvenienced but, unfortunately, it only takes a handful of jerks to ruin it for everyone.

-Mr. Pissed-Off-Boss

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