Google explains how Google Search works, uses an interactive infographic to get the point across


Google is in the business of information. Google is in existence today because Google Search allows millions upon millions of people to quickly, easily, and accurately find the information that is desired. After all, the bahamut Google empire has been built upon the success of Google Search and the cashflow provided by related ads.

Some people have a relatively good idea how Google Search works; through a mixture of spiders, indexes, advanced algorithms, and anti-spam techniques, Google is able to deliver relevant data to those that search for it. However, Google wants everyone to know the behind-the-scene works of Google Search. As such, Google has released a new interactive infographic that takes you through the three major pillars of Google search: ‘Crawling & Indexing’, ‘Algorithms’, and ‘Fighting Spam’.

People who already know about how search engines work won’t learn much from the infographic except interesting statistics (e.g. the web is made op of “over 30 trillion pages” according to Google) because Google doesn’t reveal any groundbreakingly new or proprietary information. However, if you think Google Search is witchcraft, then this infographic should be very enlightening for you. Hit up the link below to check it out, and be sure to click around because the infographic is interactive and will display things like graphs.

How Search Works infographic by Google

[via HuffPost]

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