Students use their laptops as umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain [Image]


Rich, spoiled, or just stupid? All of the above, maybe.

This took place at University of Southern California.

[via Reddit]

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  • Mr.Dave

    [@RonCam] I’m sure she had a good reason, like: “It catches more water that way, so my hair stays drier!”

  • RonCam

    The red laptop … looks like the solid top-side is facing down, and the bottom (any ventilation holes there?) is facing the rain?

  • etim

    Where’s my edit button!!??

  • etim

    Not rain. Seagulls.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Yeah, I’m going with “stupid” for this one.

    “Wait… what? I can’t, like, use my, you know, laptop as an umbrella-thingy? No one told me to not, like, get it wet. Won’t it just, you know, dry out?”

  • Prema

    *hand flick*

    these look like macs too… maybe i should go to USC and start up a business: laptops for stylish umbrellas

  • chuck

    “Totally,fer sher-Daddy buy me a new one”

  • Tom

    My $2000 pink ‘brella matches my shoes…

  • V

    Since it was U$C, I’m going with stupid because that’s a prerequisite for the place. Rich and spoiled are in abundance there, too, but are not nearly as universal as stupid.