Free 1 year Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (for Windows 7 launch party hosts and attendees)!

Remember my post on Windows 7 Launch Party? Well apparently Kaspersky is offering 1 year free of their Internet Security 2010 software for Windows 7 launch party hosts and attendees. I don’t know much more about this because the promotion page is not live yet (it is supposed to go live on October 22, 2009 but it has not yet). So be sure to check the promotion page later in the day if this applies to you.

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  1. badboy

    I would like to have an ACTIVATION KEY SHARE,for famous softwares..i’m having genuine liscenses of followings..
    1.KIS 2010(4 liscences)
    2.NIS 2010(3 lisences)
    3.G-DATA 2010 antivirus(10 lisences)
    5tune up utilities 2009(2 liscences)
    6.Bitdefender 2010(1 lisecence)
    7.Wondershare Spyware Removal(4 liscences)
    8Ashampoo burning studio 2010(7 lisences)

    if you like for a key exchange,what you have to do is write a mail to me…

    ps:you have to mention the genuine software key that you like to exchange with me


  2. Mike

    @Ashraf: Interesting perspective there; that hadn’t occurred to me. I had really been thinking that this was your basic, unfortunate, sometimes Internet perspective: we can grab something anonymously so why not, even if it means that we’re taking other users’ property in the process.

    And it will have a trickle-down effect: seemingly, the purloined license codes are being sold on eBay–there’s a rash of them there. So now, when Kaspersky deactivates the codes, some innocent buyer is going to find his/her anti-virus program shut down.

    The fact that the forums won’t delete the offensive threads really is galling, though. And we’re talking well-known and regarded forums.

  3. Mike

    Kaspersky now will be deactivating the stolen codes.

    It has been shameful to see (other) sites post unauthorized user email addresses by which software might be obtained, as well as how-to instructions to obtain and wrongfully use the email addresses, including despite warnings as to that illegal conduct.