ERO is a robot that eats concrete, makes it easier to demolish buildings


Omer Haciomeroglu was recently awarded an IDSA International Design Excellence award for his concept for a robot — known as the ERO Concrete Recycling Robot — which if it comes to fruition, will be able to break down concrete as well as process and prepare it to be used again.

This wonderful device is designed to make the process of demolishing buildings a lot less messy than conventional methods such as using explosives or demolition balls. The process by which the ERO works is relatively simple. It shoots a high pressure jet of water at a concrete  surface which causes it to break up. The robot then sucks the material up and directs it  into large bags which are then sent off for reuse in the construction industry. This robot recycles the water that it uses and even allows for the steel reinforcement bars used with the concrete to be recycled as well.

The ERO promises to be very efficient as well as environmentally friendly. Although only in the concept stages, I really hope that it comes to be as a concept such as this will only help to make demolitions safer and lead to a lot less cleaning up. Until then, we can always follow the Japanese way.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. jayesstee

    I am under the (strong) impression that once cement is ‘cured’ (a chemical change), it cannot be reversed.  If this is so, then the ‘recovered cement’ would be inert and hence more, new cement would be required.

  2. jayesstee

    [@Seamus McSeamus]
    That’s me in our household!
    Leaves seem to drop from August to the following July, so no rest for the wicked.

    Regarding the article robot, interesting that it processes the concrete for re-use.
    I don’t think the cement “curing” process can be reversed.  If so, all it could do is produce aggregate with which more cement would be mixed.