Whoa, two giveaways today? *Both Work!*

Whoa, are there two giveaways today? Folder Maker Pro 3.0.1 and Audio Editor?


They both work – I just installed both! My bet is that the reason for this is because Folder Marker Pro 3.0.1 is an update for 2/19/09’s giveaway of Folder Marker Pro 2.1.

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  1. Lone Wolf

    Thanks alot Ashrah:

    I never would of noticed the Folder Marker 3.0.1 GOTD if it wasn’t 4 u!

    This 1 is worth DLing! Love U Man! Keep up the good work.

    Don’t let the morons get U down!

    Greetings from Canada, Peace Out

    Lone Wolf

  2. Ashraf

    I tried posting about double giveaways on Audio Recorder, the program that people would most likely see first, saying that “Judging from the amount of votes, most people don’t know about Folder Maker Pro 3.0.1″ but the mods did not let me post it >.>

  3. internetexplorer

    Good thing you called attention to the two giveaways, since on some screens and/or screen resolution settings, the second one would have been offscreen and therefore perhaps overlooked. Keep up the good work.