The problem with DRM protected content [Comic]

DRM (digital rights management) is an umbrella term used to described methods used by entertainment producers, software producers, etc. to protect their content from being pirated. The problem with DRM content is, well, you cannot share it with others. I’m not talking about the inability to pirate it to others but rather how you can lend a movie DVD to a friend.

The following comic by Manu Cornet specifically pokes fun at how Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore lock users into their own cages but can really be thought of as criticism of DRM in general. Check it out:

This may be a comic, but it couldn’t be more accurate.

[via Manu Cornet]

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  1. ds5929

    Once again, Gov’t = bought and paid for enforcement muscle for Big Media-music,film,print-all of ’em.
    It won’t stop until 51% of the voters adopt the motto “When in doubt,throw ’em out”.