Genius criminal gets caught because he tried to return printer to Walmart with fake money inside


37-year-old Jarad S. Carr decided it would be cool to start printing some fake money with an inkjet printer. But Carr finds out that said inkjet printer is inadequate for printing fake money that would fool people over the age of 3. He decides to pay his local Walmart in Wisconsin a visit and return the printer.

Unfortunately for our brilliant counterfeiter, the employees at Walmart refused to take the printer back. Carr then goes on to argue with the employees, in hopes that he’ll be able to return it and at least get some of the money back.

But you see, there was a slight oversight in Carr’s plans. When he brought back the printer in his attempt to return it, he didn’t remove the sheets of paper that he used to print out the fake money. So upon close inspection of the Walmart employees, they saw that one of the sheets had fake $100 dollars printed on it. They then proceeded to stall Carr while discreetly calling the police.

Eventually, the police arrived and while Carr initially attempted to resist arrest, he was eventually brought into custody. Turns out, the guy was already wanted for armed robbery and burglary in a nearby county.

It also turns out that you can’t print fake money with an inkjet printer.

[via Digital Trends]

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