Dreambox is a 3D printing vending machine, lets you print whatever you want using 3D printer


Want to do some 3D printing with spending thousands of dollars it would take to purchase a 3D printer? Then Dreambox has you covered.

Dreambox is a 3D printing kiosk developed by three students at UC Berkeley. Slated to go into operation later this year at UC Berkeley, Dreambox allows you to input a 3D model and the built-in 3D printer will print it for you. The cost? Cost will, obviously, vary depending on what you are printing but it should be $15 on average per print. Add a $9 if you want Dreambox to ship the printed item to you as opposed to you picking it up at the vending machine.

The following is a short video of Dreambox:

Currently the vending machine is able to use bioplastic for printing but there are plans in the future to add other materials.

What makes Dreambox even more interesting is you don’t even have to go to the kiosk to print. You can upload a 3D model and pay via Dreambox’s website and then go to the vending machien to pick your order. If you don’t want to go there, you can have Dreambox ship it to you, which costs an extra $9 as already mentioned.

If you prefer not the go the internet route, you can also walk up to the Dreambox and upload your 3D model using a USB drive. You have to pay on the spot in this case and your model is printed for you right there and then.

Now all you need is something worthwhile to print and Dreambox will do your bidding. Got any ideas?

Dreambox homepage

[via DigitalTrends]

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  • JT

    Makes me wonder if they’ll allow rifle magazines to be printed and shipped. Some companies are already doing it to bypass restrictions. This is a huge innovation to make it able to print, and ship whatever you want, especially for $15 a piece!

  • JonE

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around this new 3D printing technology.

    When I was in the military some of the technology that was available, that I saw first hand always made me ponder what they must be working on next, what they must be researching now; it always staggered my imagination.

    And so, I wonder what kinds of technology they must be working on and researching now.