30% of Americans text while driving, are either very good at multi-tasking or have a death wish


How many dotTechies text while driving? It appears that common sense regarding texting while driving is not as common as we would hope. According to a study by the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a lot of people text while driving.

The results, based on a survey conducted by the CDC in 2011, are part of CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report and show roughly 30% of Americans text while driving with Europeans not far behind:


An even greater number of people talk on the phone while driving:


Of the people who affirmed they talked on the phone or texted/emailed at least once in the past 30 days, CDC broke down the responses by age group and, not surprisingly, younger people tend to text/email while driving more often than older people:


As ArsTechnica points outs, this data does not include the effects of anti-texting while driving laws that came into affect after 2011. So the rates may be different today than shown in the above graphs. However, speaking from a personal level, I highly doubt the rates are that much lower due to new laws. In fact, my guess is the amount of people that text while driving has increased simply because new generations of phone-crazy drivers are on the road now than in 2011.

So. Let’s have it. Do you text while driving? If so, do you consider yourself very good at multi-tasking or do you want to die and/or get injured or are you just damn lucky to be here today? Let us know in the comments below! And, yes, I must admit that I do often sometimes text while driving.

[via CDC, ArsTechnica, image via gintheemt]

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  • onedeafeye

    :-) Not another cop. Cops are exempt anyway. At te risk of being sexist, it was a woman texting while driving.

  • sl0j0s

    Hello, all.
    I almost *never* drive and ‘talk’,
    & *NEVER* “text & drive”.
    My next-door neighbor’s nephew killed himself, last year, texting w/ driving.
    Hit a tree, & the phone killed him.
    You’d think people would have enough sense, but *NOOO*!
    Science Channel had a “documentary” about the effects of “talking” w/ driving; turns out, its worse than drunk driving.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • Henfracar

    Unless the offender was another cop!

  • onedeafeye

    I drive for a living, and I live in Canada. It may be illegal, but it’s no less common than it was before it became illegal. I’ve seen cell phones in use with a cruiser right beside the offending driver, observing said driver, and doing nothing. Laws are useless if they aren’t enforced.

  • Prema

    i’ve talked once. and i have texted a few times… heck I went the distance and started taking pictures of clouds and other stuff on the freeway. I mean if i was going to die in a horrible car accident, i might as well leave some awesome memories behind right…

    only problem… I’ve done all these things in horrible traffic conditions, where the cars would move a few inches every 5 minutes… yeah I’m a daredevil LOL

  • Mags

    Due to the increase in the number of accidents due to cell phone usage, texting or talking while driving, here in Canada, (in many provinces) it is against the law. Talking, hands free, is not illegal.

    IMO this type of law should be mandatory everywhere.

  • AFPhy6

    Easy one for me… No cell phone yet means I’m a “no” for all these categories. It will be interesting if/when I get one to see what I end up doing over time.