Funny or Die is releasing ‘iSteve’, a “very silly” Steve Jobs biopic starring Justin Long


Comedy website Funny or Die has made their very own Steve Jobs biopic, titled “iSteve.” Starring Justin Long, famous for his stint as a Mac during Apple’s “Get a Mac” ad campaign, the movie looks to be a more lighthearted and less serious look at Steve Jobs’ life.

The movie is Funny or Die‘s longest project so far at 60-75 minutes, as the site has previously focused more on short-form comedy videos. The idea started out as a joke as the writers were initially thinking of making a fake Steve Jobs movie trailer, but that idea “escalated” into a movie. Writer and Director Ryan Perez says that while the film is very silly, it looks at his whole life and Producer Allison Hord meanwhile, says that “even the harshest fanboy critics will be able to laugh with us.”

The movie is set for release on the Funny or Die site on April 15, interestingly beating out the Ashton Kutcher version’s original release date by 4 days, titled Jobs. That film on the other hand was delayed indefinitely while Aaron Sorkin’s take on Steve Jobs is due later this year.

Here’s a quick look at Justin Long playing a Mac in one of the ads:

Perhaps all that’s left for the team behind iSteve to do is release a trailer!

[via NYTMacRumors]

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