Help wanted!

Hello friends,

I am sure many of you have noticed the frequence of posts on dotTech has slowed down considerably from what it was during August. This is primarily due to the fact that I am very busy currently. Although I am good at publishing a GOTD review everyday, I would like dotTech to be more activate in other areas also, mainly Tips ‘n Tricks, Freebies, and reviews in general. Seeing as how busy I am and how long each GOTD review takes, I am finding it hard to publish more than one article per day.

So long story short, I need a helping hand. I am still going to handle the GOTD reviews myself but I need someone who is willing to publish interesting articles on a regular basis (the articles can be on anything technology related). The traits you need to be successful at dotTech are:

  • An interest in technology (you need not be a tech guru to publish on dotTech);
  • The desire to learn what you don’t know already;
  • Dedication in terms of time.

Of course you do not have to live on dotTech. I am simply looking for someone that can post 1-2 quality articles a week. If you calculate at a (conservative) rate of one hour an article that is about 1-2 hours per week. If English is not your first language, do not stress! Your English does not have to be perfect (mine sure is not) – it just needs to be understandable.

Furthermore, if you have your own website/blog you are welcome to leave a back link at the end of each of your posts.

Lastly, this will not be a paid position (I don’t have any money). However do not worry! I am well versed in How to become a multi-trillionaire in 40 days and once I make my first trillion, I will be sure to through a couple million your way.

Sarcasm aside, please send me an e-mail if you are interested! The position is open to anyone and everyone.

Thanks =),


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  • Taz

    I agree with the statements of David Roper, Ed, Ozzie and others. is my #1 favorite site, even though I don’t visit every day nor have I read everything on it. The thing I appreciate most is that I’ve come over the last year or so to trust Ashraf as much as a I would a good friend. I’ve learned so much and saved so much money using his tips and recommendations.

    For those of you who feel the same way, I might suggest you click on that “Support Us – Donate” button at the top of every page and send Ashraf a few bucks. The $5 or $10 donation I’ve been making every few months is hardly noticeable financially and I get so much more value than that. It’s a bargin!


  • Tortuga

    Dear Ash :D

    I concur w my fellow dTechies: Quality over Quantity
    I too get so much tech stuff to read everyday, it’s really overwhelming!!! !!!

    I do feel guilty I don’t contribute anything to the site :( because I do learn a lot from you & the other dTechies.
    I would love to help, but unfortunately I don’t know much about tech, so there is nothing I can offer to help with. I’ve only been around computers for a couple of years …

    But hey, if you think of something I could do – I’m all for it!! :)
    Ahh, maybe I could send one of my cakes?! :D


  • Ashraf, when will I be able to post?


  • Ozzie

    Greetings all! Ashraf, if your current rate of posting is slowing down, then my mind boggles at what your idea of a sped-up frequency is like! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no idea how you manage all this. As the others have said, we are infinitely happy to have quality over quantity any day. You just keep on working your magic at a sustainable pace. You’re going about this all the right way, and it will lead to bigger and better things, of that I am sure. Just make sure you have balance in all areas of your life so you can keep on keeping on for a long time to come. We will remain your loyal band of followers.

  • Emrys

    Hey, any help I can send, I will…you and others (J. L. Picard needs to be mentioned here) on your site have been treasures to me. Reading the posts here is like being handed a gift whenever I log on and open it! I’m in no way as gifted as my peers here, but will sent what bits of wisdom I come across. I feel the same way David Roper does; we are all in this. To coin a phrase, Geek it till it Mhz…

  • Kraal FictionWriter

    I agree. Don’t go too fast. I know from experience….

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind helping, except for the fact that:
    a) I would have a heck of a time choosing /what/ to write about, and
    b) Not only am I not a tech guru, I wouldn’t consider myself tech savvy either…

    I do match the bullet list pretty well though…I already spend all day at home on the computer….=/

  • Ed

    I’m in the camp that says publish less but keep the quality up. Most people are too busy to manage 3-4 daily articles or reviews from techie places, and that’s because most people have jobs/families/activities other than a computer.

    If you press me, I will admit that when you publish 3-4 things a day I choose (meaning: I guess) what’s most interesting to read. The rest I just erase, I get over 200 pieces of email per day and email is just a small piece of my day. More is not always better.

  • Five today alone :-)

  • “I am sure many of you have noticed the frequence of posts on dotTech has slowed down considerably…”

    I disagree. On the contrary, I think there has been a steady flow of posts from you. As David said, don’t burn yourself out; slow down a tad.

    Just a tad. :P

  • David Roper

    Ashraf, you are very ambitious. We all like that. We all enjoy as many reviews and tips as you can do in one day. We all think you are the fairest of them all. Like “Robin Hood”, kind of.

    Now, with that said. I do not expect more than one tip a day or one review. Slow down. You will burn yourself out. We don’t want you to ever quit dottech and what you are doing now. Relax.

    Just slow down. We are all your servants, my lord. (not religeous here, just “cutesy” respectful of your talents)

    Anybody else feel this way?