This PS4 design concept is drop dead gorgeous [Video]


When Sony announced the PS4 around a month ago, a lot of people were hung up about the fact that they didn’t show off the console’s design. So even if we know what the PS4 is capable of doing, we still don’t know what the box sitting in our entertainment center is going to look like.

With that, concept images and videos of what people think (or want) the console to look like is all the rage. This one in particular caught my eye due to its simplicity. Yes, I know it looks like a longer version of a certain other console, even down to the color choices. But it’s slim, sleek, clean and will probably blow us all away with the kind of games it’ll bring to the table.

Now we just have to hope Sony’s actual design tops this one!

[via Kotaku]

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  • Enrique

    [@Gonzo] Very true. You only ever see designs like this one as concepts. But the clean and simple look of it makes me wish that this existed somewhere.

    Wasn’t the eBay auction for the Xbox 720/Durango dev kit? I think the guy who was selling it got raided by the police not too long ago too.

    But yeah, either way, it won’t really matter too much what this thing looks like. As long as the UI isn’t horrible to use and the games are good :)

  • Gonzo

    It is highly unlikely that Sony will go with such “basic” design… by basic I’m talking about the device being a single rectangular box.
    They usually leave such “design” for their dev boxes (ie. PS2 Tool, PS3 Ref Tool).
    I don’t really mind which design they choose for the PS4, but I’m guessing it’ll have at least some round edges or something like that.

    Also, there was an eBay auction for a supposedly dev/demo unit (not sure what that means, as demo units are usually the same design and specs as retail ones, while dev units are usually larger and with higher specs to cope with debugging), which included a picture of a PS4 design… only time will tell which design is the final one.

  • Enrique

    [@Col. Panek] A very pretty VCR ;)

  • Col. Panek

    Looks like any other VCR.