Images of Galaxy S4 mini with smaller screen and lower specs leaked [Rumor]


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 has a little brother on the way. Leaked images of what look like is going to be the Galaxy S4 mini have been spotted by SamMobile, and there is both good news and bad news about the phone.

First, the good news for all the people out there that can’t stand large phones. This phone is definitely much smaller and looks easier to hold than the regular S4. The screen is 4.3-inches compared to the 5-inches of the larger Galaxy.The downside to this is that pixel density is also much lower on this screen, a measly 256ppi compared to the much more pixel-dense 441ppi. That’s almost half of the amount of pixels lost, and that’s not cool.

The bad news is that if you were hoping the mini would be just as much of a benchmark killer it’s bigger brother is, you might be a little disappointed. While there are no benchmarks of the S4 mini out in the wild just yet, it’s obvious that its 1.6Ghz dual-core processor isn’t going to burn the charts like the 1.9GHz quad-core of the larger S4.

Still, a cheaper and smaller S4 might just be what some people are looking for.

[via SamMobileGizmodo]

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