Apple has achieved 100 percent renewable energy for all its data centers, releases video of nation’s largest user-owned solar array


Apple takes environmental impact seriously. No, really. A report from Bloomberg notes that Apple has updated their environmental policy pages, and the company has a pretty impressive statistic to share: 100 percent renewable energy powering its data centers.

You can sync to iCloud as many times as you want — those data centers are being powered by massive solar arrays, chilled water systems and servers housed in cold air containment pods that change fan speed depending on the required airflow. Speaking of solar arrays, Apple touts that the one powering their Maiden data center is the “nation’s largest end user-owned, onsite solar array.” They’re so proud, they even released a video:

As for the company’s corporate offices around the world, they’re still at 75 percent renewable. However, Apple says that the ultimate goal is to reach 100 percent renewable energy all throughout the company. Maybe they can extend that to users’ devices? Can we get some solar-powered iPads over here?

On a more serious note, love or hate the guys over at Cupertino, stuff like this should be applauded — regardless of who accomplished it.

[via Bloomberg, MacRumors]

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