Would you rather buy a car with $15,000 or this Mac Pro? [Image]


So which would you get — a car or a Mac Pro? (Don’t forget about sales tax, which isn’t included in the above price.)

Granted, the above is a bit unrealistic; I went through and selected the highest ticket item in every category Apple offered me during customization which, as you can see, include more than just a Mac Pro. A more realistic buy would probably be significantly less than the price shown in the image above. But the question is still valid even if you exclude everything except the Mac Pro which costs $12,584.97 on its own (with everything maxed); do you prefer a car or a Mac Pro?

For what it is worth, I did the same for Dell and came out at around $7,000 (tower, keyboard, mouse only) and $10,000 (everything, including monitor). Which isn’t that much better.

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