VirusTotal maximum file size limit is now 64 MB, up from 32 MB


As I’m sure most dotTechies know, VirusTotal is an awesome online virus/malware scanner that allows users to scan files and programs for viruses or malware using over 40 different anti-virus/anti-malware engines.

VirusTotal historically had a maximum file size limit of 20 MB. Files above 20 MB were not able to be scanned with VirusTotal, Due to back-end constraints (i.e. too large files would crash VirusTotal servers). Then last year Google bought VirusTotal and increased the maximum file size limit to 32 MB. Now VirusTotal has increased their maximum file size limit to 64 MB.

I don’t see any official announcement regarding the increase in file size but I noticed the increase when I went to use VirusTotal today. If you head over to VirusTotal’s website, you will clearly see the maximum file size limit is 64 MB. Since there is no official announcement (yet), it is not clear if this increase is temporary or permanent. Whatever the case may be, the increase in file size limit is greatly welcomed and needed.

VirusTotal homepage

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  • Warb

    [@BillR5] …VT…unable to press REANALYZE…
    I had the same problem, now seems to be ok.

  • BillR5

    1. PROBLEM – Multiple VT Tabs
    I recently had 3 files to submit. I opened a VT tab and submitted the first file. Then repeated the process for 2 more VT tabs. The files had not been analyzed for 3 to 6 weeks but I was unable to press REANALYZE on tabs 2 and 3 even though I submitted each of those only after the analysis in tab 1 had completed. Even when submitting from scratch on the subsequent tabs I could not press REANALYZE.

    2. Problem – VTUploader Crash
    I have recently had problems with VTUploader the second time I use it crashing IE9. Coincidence?

    3. ALTERNATIVE – 50MB, Faster, 45 Engines
    I’ve recently been using by OPSWAT. It has had a 50MB limit for awhile and is often faster than VT. Its 45 engines substantially overlap VT. The results are not always the same as VT for the same engines. I haven’t investigated to see why: *nix v. Windows? Different settings? Different update cycle (definitely not in some cases)? The interface was recently updated but there is not a VTUploader equivalent.

  • Jeanjean

    VT uploader is still limited to 20 MB !
    Thanks for info.