Windows Blue may have ability to skip Start Screen and boot straight to desktop [Rumor]


One of the most hated features about Windows 8 is the inability to boot past Start Screen and go straight to desktop. After all, most people using Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard are more likely to spend their time on traditional desktop than on Start Screen. It seems Microsoft may be listening to its customers (shocker!) because a rumor has surfaced on the Internet that Windows Blue — most likely to be called Windows 8.1, debuting later this year — will have the ability to skip Start Screen and boot straight to desktop.

The rumor is coming from a poster on Microsoft’s Russian website Microsoft Portal. The claim here is an analysis of the code for Windows Blue (see screenshot above) has revealed a function that indicates Windows Blue will have this go-straight-to-desktop functionality: CanSuppressStartScreen function in twinui.dll.

Of course this is far from a fact set in stone; that function could be for something else or it could be that function doesn’t even make it to the final build of Windows Blue, which is in development stages right now. However, anything to help bolster Windows 8 is, in my opinion, better for all of us.

Until (if) this comes to Windows 8 (Windows 8.1/Blue) natively, you can use third-party programs — such as ClassicShell, ViStart, or SkipMetro — or do a quick registry hack to automatically skip Start Screen and boot straight to Windows 8 desktop.

[via Ghacks, Microsoft Portal]

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  • Bub

    Win 8 has two modes: Metro and Desktop. The Metro experience is as you describe – a tablet operating system that is sorta-kinda passable for PCs. But the desktop mode looks and feels very much like Win 7.

    I use Win 8 pretty much exclusively in desktop mode, and I’m quite happy with it. The feature to boot to the desktop will save minimal time on boot (it takes me only one click to turn off the Start screen, without the add-ins Ashraf mentions), but is a convenience to help the user ignore the fact that Metro even exists.

  • MerryMarjie

    I’m on the verge of buying a new PC and have read extensively about Windows 8. Unfortunately, booting to the desktop is only one of the features 8 needs. I currently have an HP that came with Vista (ugh) and I replaced it with Windows 7 which I just love, but I’m waiting for Microsoft to make a big move. Do you think they will listen to all of the complaints and make a Win 8 that PC owners with non-touch screens will be happy with? It seems to me that Win 8 is a tablet operating system that PC people CAN use, nevermind any inconvenience.