Man uses chopsticks to pickpocket iPhone in China


A man in Shanghai, China has been caught after pickpocketing a lady of her iPhone. The crazy part is, as you can probably see above, is that he did so using chopsticks — while she was riding a bicycle. The man’s got skills!

But unfortunately for our chopstick-wielding thief here who’s surname is Wang, pictures of how his crime were posted all over the news in China. Interestingly, Wang called a journalist after discovering this then proceeded to turn himself in to the police. Talk about bizarre story getting even more bizarre.

According to Wang, he began stealing to support his young daughter. Mr. Wang, you’re probably not reading this, but with your chopstick mastery, there must be something for you out there. But it’s definitely not stealing things in broad daylight.




[via Kotaku]

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  • MarkQ

    LOL. I didn’t even notice the other pictures, two of which clearly give the correct perspective.

  • MarkQ

    To me, he’s clearly stealing from the woman in the foreground (who, anyhow, looks more likely to own an iPhone) but, yeah, I can see that the “flatness” of the picture can cause that misunderstanding. However, I didn’t get the last part of your comment. Are you implying that a “butt-ugly” woman looks like a man? That’d be kinda’ unfair to men, don’t you think?

  • Prema

    lol it looks like he is pickpocketing the old man in the black jacket, but he’s actually going for the woman in the polka dot jacket (which btw definitely looks like a woman)

  • Reginald

    That’s a WOMAN in the photo he is stealin from? Looks like a man to me mates! That be one “but ugly” women if that’s the case lads!

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Chopsticks – not just for dinner!

  • Ashraf

    [@Enrique] Yeah, I know you aren’t a woman… I couldn’t stop myself from making the quip :-P

    Scooter? Ohhh, you are a romantic one.

  • Enrique

    Thank you!

    While I was in Shanghai too and I also own a iPhone, I am not a woman first of all. I also rode a scooter, not a bicycle :p Funny thing is, apparently someone tried to steal that scooter while it was parked!

    It’s good to be back! :)

  • Ashraf

    Whoever said the Chinese aren’t talented…

    Oh, and WELCOME BACK ENRIQUE! I hope it wasn’t your iPhone the guy pickpocket’ed :-)