Here’s what North Korea likes to pirate on BitTorrent


Ever wondered what people might be downloading over there in North Korea? Oh, right. As if the bigwigs over there would let everyone access the internet and the free flowing information available across the web. But that doesn’t mean nobody has access to it —  in fact,  a few hundred IP addresses have been traced to North Korea. And it looks like those aforementioned bigwigs have some pretty interesting tastes when it comes to downloading stuff!

Courtesy of BitTorrent monitoring company Scaneye and TorrentFreak, we get a little peak into what’s being downloaded — pirated to be more specific, over at the secluded state of North Korea. First off the list is something completely unsurprising: Spy tools! Net Monitor for Employees Professional to be exact. They gotta get those monitoring tools somehow, don’t they?


Next up, we’ve got some entertainment! It turns out that when they’re not performing missile tests and threatening South Korea and the US with big explosions, some of these guys like to sit back with a nice little movie or TV show. Recently released Life of Pi is one of them, and I’m not quite sure what Death From Above is — maybe they thought they’d could learn a little something from it. Ha. Also downloaded was The Following, a very new and current American TV show starring Kevin Bacon which I hear is pretty good! Not too shabby, DPRK.


And finally, what would one of these posts be without the obvious? I’m taking about the pron. You know, the pron! Anyway, a quick little Google search did verify that these are indeed of the pron variety but what do you expect with titles like that? At the end of they day, those guys are human. I think.


Now if only they’d stop with all this nuclear nonsense, maybe we’ll tell them about Game of Thrones or something.

[via TorrentFreak, image via petersnoopy]

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