Microsoft might also be making a smart watch [Rumor]


This is getting even more ridiculous. First, we heard that Apple was working on their very own smart watch. Then we heard rumblings and eventually a confirmation from Samsung that they too were working on a smart watch device. Then Google and LG joined in.

Now, it probably shouldn’t surprise you, we have another company who might be working on a smart watch. The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is also looking at making a wearable computer of sorts for your wrist, and has even gone as far as requesting for components from suppliers.

Earlier this year, Microsoft asked suppliers in Asia to ship components for a potential watch-style device, the executives said. One executive said he met with Microsoft’s research and development team at the software company’s Redmond, Wash., headquarters. But it’s unclear whether Microsoft will opt to move ahead with the watch, they said.

It’s true that it remains unclear if Microsoft will go ahead with releasing a smart watch. But if other companies like Apple, Samsung and maybe even LG put out a smart watch that turns out to be a hit, you can expect the guys over at Redmond won’t be too far behind.

[via WSJEngadget]

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