Facebook’s ad for Facebook Home is not only great, but also stars real people… including Zuckerberg [Video]


As you probably already know, Facebook Home was recently just launched. In fact, you can grab it over at the Google Play Store right now! And I’m sure a bunch of people will after seeing Facebook’s ad for Facebook Home, fittingly called “Launch Day.”

First thing you might have noticed is, “Woah, that’s actually Mark Zuckerberg!” I know you were probably disappointed that it wasn’t Jesse Eisenberg playing him again — cause I was too. But this is because this entire ad was not only filmed on location at Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, California, it was also shot with the actual product team that worked on Facebook Home starring in it. It’s a great decision by Facebook, giving the guys who are normally working in the background to make everything possible some limelight.

The ad itself isn’t too shabby as well. It’s funny, creative and it gets the message across — if you love Facebook, Facebook Home is probably the best way to experience it. Judging from early reviews of Facebook Home, it’s got some problems and lacks some key things that would make the more savvy smartphone user cringe. But for the casual, heavy Facebook-using fan, it might be just what they were looking for. It’s also a great alternative to getting a pure Google experience if you purchase the Facebook Phone, the HTC First. Just turn off Facebook Home and you’re left with stock Android!

If you still don’t know what Facebook Home is, here’s a little video from Facebook that should get you up to speed:

[via Facebook (YouTube)]

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