Google forbids developers from displaying ads on Google Glass and says free apps only (no paid apps)


Since the confirmation of Google Glass, the Internet has been abuzz with jokes about how Google Glass will be littered with what Google does best: advertisements. It seems these fears were (are) somewhat unfounded because Google has just published a list of guidelines for developers who want to create third-party Google Glass apps. And these guidelines prohibit developers from showing ads.

‘Section 2: Advertisements’ of Google’s official ‘Google Mirror API Terms of Service’ explicitly states:

No Ads. You may not serve or include any advertisements in your API Client.

Data Usage. You may not use user data from your API Client for advertising purposes. You may not sell or transmit any user data received from your API Client(s) to a third-party ad network or service, data broker, or other advertising or marketing provider. For the avoidance of doubt, user data from the API Client(s) may not be used for Third-Party Ad Serving (“3PAS”).

Interestingly enough, this does not mean Google Glass will have no ads at all; it means third-party developers cannot show ads. The Terms of Service does not prohibit Google itself from showing ads on Glass. And, in a statement to The Verge, Google says this no-ads policy could change in the future.

Other interesting tidbits in the Glass API Terms of Service are:

  • The restriction on paid apps. At this current moment in time, Google is forbidding developers from charging for apps on Google Glass.
  • Distribution of Glass apps must be done through Google’s official Google Glass store. This means, unlike Android, you probably won’t be able to download and install Glass apps from third-party sources.

No ads and free apps on Google Glass? I’m sold. Now I just need $1,500. Donations, anyone?

[via Google, The Verge]

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