StarRSS may not be the best alternative to Google Reader, but it’s definitely the coolest


It’s been over a month since Google announced that it would be shutting down the beloved Google Reader on July 1st, and there’s a really good chance that you’ve moved on to one of the many alternatives by now. And if you haven’t yet, maybe dotTech can help you with that. But whatever your situation may be, I think you need to make some time for StarRSS.

StarRSS is not even close to being as functional as Google Reader or its alternatives. It’s also not customizable in any way and can only accept a single feed. But if you’re a Star Wars fan, heck, even if you’re not, StarRSS will make you chuckle. Converting your feed into the well-known Star Wars intro crawl would’ve been enough, but its creator had to go in and add in the intro music as well — the cherry on top.

Again, you’ve probably found your new RSS (or non-RSS) reader by now — I know I have. But go on ahead and give StarRSS a whirl!

StarRSS homepage

 [via Gizmodo]

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