The first lucky owners of Google Glass have begun posting their videos online [Video]


First Google announced that it had shipped the first units of Google Glass to the first lucky owners. A day after that, we got a glimpse at what it was like opening up a Google Glass box. Now, quite fittingly, the doors have been blasted wide open and numerous videos from all the different Google Glass owners are beginning to show up online.

Josh Armour takes Glass for a spin while he goes go-karting, and the results are pretty interesting. Dan McLaughlin, who unboxed Google Glass while recording the entire experience with Glass, shows off what it would like recording a video game commentary using Google Glass instead of video capture software running on your computer. And finally, McLaughlin walks us through solving a 3D toy puzzle with Glass on. Check it out below and enjoy! We could be looking at the future, right now.

[via Gizmodo]

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