Australia is getting 1Gbps internet by the end of 2013, courtesy of NBN


While Google announced a third city to get Google Fiber and Japan is getting ridiculous 2Gbps download speeds in Tokyo, the rest of the world might be feeling a little left out. But now it looks Australia won’t have to be jealous of ultra-fast download speeds, as the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) is set to be available by the end of this year.

Unfortunately, compared to the low, low prices being offered by Google and Japan’s So-net, Australians are gonna have to pay a little more for their gigabit fix. The 1Gbps internet service is going to cost $150 Australian dollars, which is roughly $155 US dollars. They’ll also have to pay additional fees from their ISPs, further increasing the entry point. However, 500Mbps and 250Mbps services will also be offered, and the prices for those speeds will definitely be more affordable.

After having to put up with higher prices on tech goods all this time, it’s nice that our friends Down Under are getting a nice little (or not so little) speed boost.

[via NBNEngadget]

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  • Enrique

    [@Warb] And I’m jealous. Good for you! :)

  • Warb

    I’m an Ozzie and I’m excited.

  • Cowboy

    [Rob (Down Under)]
    “My rent is 10 times what theirs is…”

    Try living in a mining town like Emerald. Rents $4000 a week and food prices double city prices. And no, I’m not working at the mines and earning 150K/yr. Luckily own my own house but I pity the poor blighters who don’t.

  • Lizzytish

    [@Rob (Down Under)]

    Godonya Rob!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Here is an Ozzie with some feedback.
    The NBN is going to cost an outrageous fortune to ‘build’, It could blow out to 100 Billion, especially if our Labor Government is managing it. The Labor government is the one associated with the unions, and the workers. Every Labor government stuffs our economy, when they are in power. Even the State Labor governments stuff economies, except it is less obvious now as they are rolling in money from our GST (10% on nearly every transaction), and the revenue from gambling taxes.
    I won’t go on, as I will get flamed by Labor voters, who must not care that the Current Government has blown us into deficit for decades.
    The other thing that annoys me is, they decided that the massive extra expense of running optic to every house in the land, even if it is in the outback, will not be borne by those households. Instead all of us who live in the cities will bear that extra cost, so that everyone pays the same, no matter where they live.
    My rent is 10 times what theirs is, and they ain’t chipping in with their rental, so that we all share the same living expense.

  • Enrique

    [@Sam Born] Yes, I hear that a lot. One of the first things a friend of mine complained about when he moved there was the high price and the data caps!

  • Sam Born

    Cost of internet in Aus is higher than most countries while service in general is fairly poor. This is very much the case with many products here. people just pay it!

  • London


    Yes, I am Australian.


  • Enrique

    [@London] No, that’s great! Thanks for the additional info!

    I was actually hoping we’d get an Australian chime in with some more info on the situation. Uh, you are Australian, right? :)

  • Ashraf

    [@London] Whenever I hear of “Tasmania” I think a) Africa and b) Taz

    Damn, I’m a bigot. And politics suck.

  • London

    The service is already available in some parts of Tasmania (a State of Australia) and elsewhere. I think about 150K already have the option to use it. The roll out to about a maximum of 95% of Aussies will not be complete till 2021.

    However, if the national election to be held in Sept this year is won by the opposition party, which is highly likely despite a pretty healthy economy, the “NBN” roll out will be stopped and the majority of Aussies will have to make do wilth very limited broadband speeds. Then, when current party is re-elected in perhaps 12 years time, the “NBN” roll out will continue. So, in summary, most Aussies (99.99%) probably won’t get fibre to the home until 2033 or thereabouts.

    Sorry, hope that’s not too much info.