Master of the Internet [Video]

Anyone notice how it took “only ten minutes” to find out the weather in Dallas, Texas? LMAO!

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  • Ashraf

    [@K Lewis] That is EXACTLY what I thought but when he answered with the temperature I thought I must have heard wrong.

  • K Lewis

    She asks “What’s the capital of Dallas?”
    Huh! Then he answers with the temperature.
    Am I that stupid?

  • Peter

    “- chatting with women

    – chatting with men [pause] about football”


    WT[letter between E and G] is football?

    One of the most used german sayings is “Früher war alles besser” meanig ‘in former times everything has been better’.
    Epic fail.

  • greg

    2:47, no one makes money on the internet.