[Review] Logitech G19 keyboard


When a gamer demands the best keyboard, who does he turn to? Logitech is always a good choice. Keeping with its long history of pleasing gamers, Logitech has released their new G19 keyboard designed specifically for gaming.

The G19, the long anticipated “sequel” to the G15, looks very promising; with a fully colored 320×240 LCD that is a first to the keyboard line.

Features like the custom-color backlighting will keep your keys lit through all those WoW late night raids; 12 fully-programmable macro G-keys that can be bound to almost everything (up to 3 macros per key) are very handy. Multi-key input, using up to five keys at once, makes performing multiple complex actions is easier than ever. Two high speed USB 2.0 ports on the back help keep organization, especially with the Intelligent Cable Management that is underside the keyboard removing any wire from sight.

Like in its predecessor, the G19 has a game/desktop mode which disables that pesky Windows button and context menu, saving great amounts of frustration. The instant media access keys back up this function, virtually rendering ALT+TAB unneeded.

You know a keyboard is seriously packed when it requires its own AC plug (which can be annoying at times frankly). Also, the $200 (USD) price tag is a pain and that money could well go into a second monitor instead. However, if price is not a problem and you’re a hard core gamer looking for some new “swag”, the Logitech G19 is a worthy keyboard.



The Good

  • Colored backlit keys
  • Color LCD
  • 36 customizable keys
  • Media control
  • MMORPG character info and stats
  • Two high-speed USB ports
  • Game/desktop Mode
  • Multi-key input
  • Cable organization

The Bad

  • 200 dollar price tag
  • AC adapter required
  • Big, bulk LCD
  • Very cheap feel
  • Everything is very compact (keys very close to each other, etc)


$199.99 (USD)




This would definitely be an excellent buy if the price would be at least 100 dollars lower and the LCD wouldn’t be so oddly placed. However, if you’re a hard-core gamer and have a lot of spare money, then stop buy your local retail store and pick up one of these beasts because even at the price tag of $200, it is a worthy investment (it will pay for itself when you two shot that sneaky little gnome rogue who tries to sneak up behind you while you are drinking water).

[The image and video used in this review have been borrowed from Logitech’s website strictly for the purposes of reviewing their product.]

[This article has been contributed to dotTech.org by Leeroy Johnson with minor edits by Ashraf.]

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  • W. Jones

    @Leeroy Johnson: Thanks for your reply but what i am looking for is the actual video clip that they have used in the demo for the the video player or something very similar. a Website where i can go download one is all i need coz i can’t find any site with such content.

  • @W. Jones: Do you mean the abstract effect video for the LCD?
    I haven’t used the keyboard for a while, but i do recall there is a movie viewer feature. I believe they used a downloaded clip and loaded it onto the LCD and let it run.
    I wouldn’t recommend it, as it probably eats away at your memory. The clock, in my opinion, is a better way to keep that LCD on idle.

  • W. Jones

    Hi. Where can i get hold of a nice video background like they show in the demo video on this web page for my G19 lcd keyboard?

  • @Shava Nerad: If you have the N52 then i dont see why you really need a G15. G15 focuses on Macro and HUD (heads up display) LCD. The macros are for gaming, which the N52 covers, and the HUD LCD is for time, system performance (RAM CPU etc), timers, game stats (like in WoW for example you see dmg and durability), and RSS.
    I have found not much use for the HUD LCD except for the clock, game stats, and the timer, and i really dont require those either. I would go for the G13 G15 G5 combo. I have the G15 and G5, but G13 gameboard costs too much.

  • I admit I’m only a medium-core gamer (playing Aion atm) — have an N52 but no special keyboard. Might get a 15 if the price went down tho! :)

  • @Shava Nerad: It probably will, TechCrunch insiders report that Logitech is looking to discount the G15 if the G19 will sell well.

    To be honest any hard core gamer that doesn’t have G15 right now is not a hard core gamer, the G15 has become the exclusive in gaming keyboard.
    Regular or new gamers looking to become hard core are requiring the G19 for a fast start.

  • Perhaps one of the best aspects of the g19 — perhaps the g15 will go down in price?